A trip to visit Las Vegas can revolve around anything you want. Of course you can gamble and drink alcohol 24-7, but there can be so much more positive ways to spending you vacation time in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas buffets are usually part of most people's trip to Las Vegas, but there are simply so many buffets it is hard to know which ones you should visit. Spend some time researching buffets out to find which ones you want to visit. Organize your days so you can eat at at least 1 new buffet each day. If you like to eat and like a great value on food, then you will love what Las Vegas offers food wise.

Las Vegas is host to numerous museums. Las Vegas museums are not only very fun and interesting to visit; the museums are also very educational.

You can learn about the early Mormon Missionaries who helped provide a foundation for the Vegas Valley and helped it grow from a remote desert outpost to an international travel destination that is adored by millions of people.

One very fun Vegas attraction that very few p0eople seem to know about is the Pinball museum. It is the largest collection of historic and antique3 pinball machines in the world. The pinball museum does not simply display these antique pinball machines to view; they also encourage you to play them. This is a cheap way to spend a very fun afternoon in Las Vegas before you hit up a buffet.

Bring your camera with you when you visit Las Vegas. Las Vegas offers countless photography opportunities. If you write articles for money you can get a lot of images to use on your articles.

Most casinos offer a players club card which you can use while gambling to earn comps. These players' club cards are free and easy to sign up for. Many casinos offer a small token gift or discount on a buffet when you sign up for their players club card.

One fun activity is to simply walk to multiple casinos on the Strip and or Downtown Vegas areas and collect as many players club cards as you can.

By walking around and signing up for players club cards you will familiarize yourself with multiple casinos and learn which casinos you like the most. At the end of the day your feet will be tired, but you will also have a lot of casino branded players club cards and a handful of colorful stretchy key chains.

Feel free to experiment on your vacation. If you and your travel partner want visit something new or do something not listed in the Las Vegas guide books then feel free to. You should never feel you should have to stick to certain Vegas tourist's hotspots simply because every person you know who has visited Las Vegas says to go there.

It is important to listen to your friends suggestions on what to visit. But this is your trip and it is always fun to discover new and exciting things to see and do in Las Vegas.