When people think of Las Vegas, high rise casino's, gambling, and good food all come to mind, but the city has much more to offer and it gives families a chance to have a great vacation without breaking the bank, if you know what to look for.


Gambling is the main focus of the city as millions of people travel to the desert city in hopes of striking it rich, but did you know, many of the casino's, especially the smaller places off the strip, will give you money?


Every casino in town offers a reward program, but places like Ellis Island, the Station Casino's, and even the Golden Nugget will give you free slot play just for registering. These rewards can be from $5.00 up to $50.00, depending on the place and your luck. With a little research, you can get upwards of $200 in slot play for free and you keep all the winnings.


This city was once known for its cheap food and great bargains, but upscale hotels and casino's have brought in some of the best chefs in the world to open restaurants and that has driven the prices skyward, but if you know where to look, a great meal can still be had for a minimal cost.


One of the best meals in town for a low price is the steak dinner at Ellis Island. This small place is located just off the strip, but locals know it for its fun atmosphere and great food. The dinner is not on the regular menu, but just ask your server for the special and get a nice juicy steak, baked potato, salad, and a home brewed beer or root beer, all for under $10.00.


Another big feature in the city are shows and there are plenty of them, but did you know that big discounts can be found. Located all across the city are ticket brokers that offer upwards of 70% off on the biggest shows in the city, the only catch is they are sold on the day of the performance.


Free is always good when your on a budget vacation and while most visitors know of the Fountains at Bellagio or the Volcano at the Mirage, other great shows are available free of charge. Just off the strip is the Rio and it has one of the best free shows in town. Masquerade is a Brazilian Carnival with dancers performing right in the middle of the casino. This big party is a can't miss and afterward you can have pictures taken with the dancers and all at no cost.


When you visit Las Vegas, a trip downtown to Fremont Street is terrific for the whole family. The light and music show that plays on the overhead canopy is great, but the intimate experience and free music on the weekend makes it feel like a giant party. Kids have plenty of options with arcades and a zip line that travels for nearly a block, making this a great night out for everyone.


In today’s time where money is tight for a lot of people, relieving some stress and having fun on the cheap is a great way to relax. These are just a few of cheaper things to do when visiting Las Vegas and an experience the whole family will love and remember for a lifetime.