A List of Las Vegas Freebies

JavrsmithCredit: Las Vegas FreebiesPeople visit Las Vegas to have fun but many activities carry a high price tag. This is really true with gambling. Sure, you can potentially earn a lot of money from a progressive slot machine, but you could easily lose as well. Luckily, not all of the activities are costly. There are many Las Vegas Freebies available to all visitors to the city.

You can check online Internet sites such as LasVegasInsider.com to get a lot of current freebies. These sites organize the offers into categories such as shows, meals or trinkets. Visitors simply browse the offerings and click on those that most attractive. Such scanning for Las Vegas freebies should be done at home, well before you arrive in Nevada. Once in town, the sites can be scanned for updates.

While in the Nevada destination, visitors can use local resources to find their Las Vegas freebies. The "What's On" and "Las Vegas Review Journal" include many free offers for a variety of items and attractions. Many of these are good for a discount, others are "buy one, get one free" and others are totally free. Depending on your interests, any of these options may work for you. Look for the special offers that include "VIP" privileges.

"VIP" passes are often available for free. While these do not save you any money, they do enhance your visit. For example, most VIP passes allow you to bypass any line that may form at the venue. This can save you a lot of time, obviously.

Another local option to use when you are in your hotel room is the phone book. Scan the listings to see which printed offers are attractive to you. You may find 2 for 1 offers, discounts or passes. For the brief amount of time it takes to review the phone book, you may find a very useful Las Vegas Freebie.

Keep in mind that many of the offers will apply to your entire party. If you have a group of four people, you can usually get two "2 for 1" offers when you present one printed offer. Similarly, a VIP pass usually allows everyone in your group to bypass a line.

Another great way to obtain Las Vegas Freebies is to join the player's club at each resort that you visit. Most all of the resorts issue cards which can be used on the casino floor. These reward guests with points given for various actions. Many times, when you first receive a player card, you are given a book containing many offers for the resort. These may include VIP passes, "2 for 1" passes to the buffet or shows or even free admission to the same. There may even be a sign up bonus of player points. Each resort maintains a catalogue of items that can be purchased in exchange for player points.

While a visit to Las Vegas can be expensive for those who are not careful, many people find that they can stretch their vacation dollar through frequent use of free offers. Do the research before you travel to find out which offers match the activities that you want to do. Keep looking for Las Vegas freebies when you arrive and you'll find ample opportunities to save money on your trip.