Lodging In Las Vegas comes in a wide variety. From sleazy joints near Fremont to the luxurious over priced lodging on the Strip. Here are a few of the Hotels and motels available in Las Vegas. Some of these hotels might be not have a high enough rating for you. If you are going to Las Vegas you want to spend your time eating, drinking, partying, and playing at the Pinball museum. If you have an expensive hotel room then you are into wasting money that could be better spent at the strip joints or the wax museum.

Plaza Hotel and Casino

The Plaza Hotel and Casino is located in downtown Las Vegas and sits at the end of the Fremont Street Experience. The Plaza Hotel and Casino has everything you need. The location allows you to stagger from casino to casino without ever having to hire a taxi. There are many great events constantly going on in down town Las Vegas. The Plaza Hotel and Casino will keep you in the heart of the downtown action.

You have the nightly Fremont Experience Light show, the strip joint, multiple casinos, historical casinos, out of town hotties, Elvis Impersonators, Chicken Fried Lobster, and Friendly Security guards.

The Plaza Hotel and Casino is sometimes expensive but you can get rooms at the Plaza Hotel and Casino for as little as $25.00 bucks a night if it is the slow time of the year for them.

El Cortez Hotel and Casino

I use to always recommend the El Cortez Hotel and Casino if you were looking for a cheap room. You could cram 5 guys in a room that was extremely cheap. Even during the busy tourist season the El Cortez Hotel and Casino had rooms that were cheap. It was not uncommon for a homeless alcoholic drunk or a hooker to be standing in the check out line next to you.

Unfortunately the El Cortez Hotel and Casino underwent a multi-million dollar renovation. It now looks all fancy. The carpet is new and not shaggy and worn. The strippers that use to play $1 Blackjack with me have not moved on to other places. If you would like to stay in the downtown Las Vegas area but want a really clean room check out the El Cortez Hotel and Casino. It is an extremely old Vegas property but with the new renovation I do not even recognize it.

Oasis Motel

Oasis Motel Las VegasThe Oasis Motel in Las Vegas in run down, shabby, and not the safest place. This is the type of property that caters to hookers and crack smokers. The reason the Oasis Motel make sour list is because of it's history. The Oasis Motel is where poker great Stu "The Kid" Ungar died.

There is nit much else to say about the Oasis Motel. Just make sure you check you mattress for hidden syringes before plopping down on it.

Fitzgeralds Casino

Fitzgeralds Casino is located on Fremont street in the heart of downtown Las Vegas. Fitzgeralds Casino always has some good deals popping up on Expedia for vacation packages. While the Fitzgeralds Hotel and Casino may have some cheap deals many visitors to Las Vegas consider Fitzgeralds to be more "uppity" and fancier then some of the other downtown properties. The Fitzgeralds Casino is not the Bellagio but it is much nicer and cleaner then the Oasis Motel.

Americana 5 Inn

The Americana 5 Inn is located near the Las Vegas airport. It is extremely cheap lodging. With all of the money you save you can buy an unlimited bus pass and ride to the strip or downtown locations to hang out. Fitzgeralds Casino in Las Vegas

The Americana 5 Inn amenities include 24 hour cola vending machines, free WI-FI, and microwaves and mini fridges in the rooms.

Boulder Station Hotel and Casino

Since the Nevada Palace was tore down the Boulder Station Hotel and Casino has became the new home for many locals to hang out and chain smoke while they play video keno. The Boulder Station Hotel and Casino is located on the south east side of Las Vegas not too far from Sams Town. It is not the fanciest but the buffets are great for the money and they have a wide variety of gaming.

Circus Circus Hotel & Casino

Circus Circus Las  VegasThe Circus Circus Hotel & Casino is a great Hotel for families. The Circus Circus Hotel & Casino is also a great hotel for individuals that have a medicinal marijuana card. The free circus acts are very amusing to both children and marijuana users. I have never seen a child smoke marijuana and then watch a circus act at Circus Circus but I am sure that would be amusing too.

One time I played a child game to win a stuffed animal. I did not even come close to winning it. The worker gave me the stuffed animal anyways. They won't do that at your local carnival that comes through your town each year.

Don't expect a free stuffed animal if you stay at the Circus Circus Hotel & Casino but do expect a great time. Even if you are leaving the kids at home.

Remember! "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!". So if you choose to watch a free circus act instead of hitting up the nudie dancers then nobody needs to know.


If you like to get high then check out the Stratosphere. The Stratosphere is well very high. The buffet is awesome. The rides at the top of the Stratosphere are pretty cool from what I have been told.

If you are feeling suicidal then head to the top of the Stratosphere. Not too jump off but too arrange to get married at the top of the Stratosphere. The Stratosphere is a very short bus ride to the downtown Vegas area unless it is NASCAR weekend.

There are many more Las Vegas hotels and motels too choose from. From gorging yourself on buffets to Elvis impersonators you can find what you want in Las Vegas.

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