Each year there is less and less grass to mow in Las Vegas. Water conservation in this hot desert oasis has encouraged people to landscape in a water management friendly way. In Las Vegas this means getting rid of the grass. Although there is less grass to mow there is still a lot of grass that needs mowed. If you like to mow lawns and think you can manage mowing lawns in 110 degree weather during the summertime then a Las Vegas lawn mowing job may be for you. It is hot a dirty work mowing lawns in Las Vegas but as long as you stay properly hydrated you can make money mowing lawns in Las Vegas.

LawnMost lawn mowing companies in Las Vegas are also landscapers. If you work for these companies you will learn a lot more than just mowing and trimming lawns. If you are willing to learn and do more than just mow lawns then you will be more apt to find a job. If you only want to mow lawns then either find a company that only mows lawns or if you apply to a landscaping company let them know that you are applying to be a lawn mower.

The drought and lack of water for the growing community of Las Vegas has threatened lawns. The Las Vegas Valley Water District offers you a credit towards changing your yard from a water intensive grass lawn to a water smart conversion. There are still people who refuse to get rid of there lawn. Some of the benefits to keeping a green grass lawn in Las Vegas include:

  • Kid Friendly
  • Does Not Radiate Heat Like Rocks Do

When looking for a company to mow lawns for in Las Vegas you will find mainly landscaping companies that offer a wide variety of lawn, tree, and yard services. If you simply want to mow lawns and nothing else then maybe you should consider starting your own lawn mowing company in Las Vegas.

Starting your own Lawn Mowing service in Las Vegas and be done cheaply. You simply buy a quality 21" commercial lawnmower such as the Honda HRC216K3HXA commercial self propelled lawn mower, a gas trimmer, a cell phone, and a small ad in one of the Las Vegas newspapers.

You simple ad can state something along the lines of

Acme Lawn mowing and Trimming

Free Estimates

Call 702-999-9999

If you average $20.00 per lawn mowed and you build up your client list so you are mowing on average say 40 properties a week then you will make around $800 per week minus your expenses such as fuel and cell phone costs. This is a lot more money than working a fast food job at minimum wage and you will also have the pride of being your own boss.

Many of your clients in Las Vegas may only want there lawns mowed once every 2 weeks. The high heat of the Las Vegas summers can cause the grass to grow slow with lawn mowing not needed every week. You can however mow lawns year round in Las Vegas. There is no winter time here in Las Vegas.

Mowing lawns in Las Vegas can be very profitable to a motivated individual who is willing to brave the high summer temperatures of Las Vegas. Image Credit: (Flickr/o b s k u r a)