Even with the downturn in the economy and the drop in home prices the Las Vegas real estate market can still be extremely lucrative for the motivated and energetic sales agent. If you want to get your Nevada Real estate license and sell real estate in Las Vegas then you should attend a real estate school that is in Las Vegas. By attending the local real estate school to get your real estate license you will learn more about the local Las Vegas housing market then you would if you attended a real estate school in Reno.

Key Realty School

Key Realty School will help get not only your Nevada real estate license but also has many other propHome For Saleerty related classes. Key Realty School can also help you get a dual real estate license so you can sell real estate in both Nevada and California.


RealtySchool.com offers you the opportunity to get your Nevada Real estate License by either home study, in class training, or a combination of both. Currently there Bronze package is on sale that includes your text books and a DVD with over 30 hours of real estate training for $199.00. The Bronze package is an excellent choice to help study for you Nevada Real Estate License.

The Academy for Real Estate Professionals

At NevadaAcademy.com you can purchase a package for $299.00 that includes text books and online testing so you can practice for the real estate exam license. This course substitutes for actual class time. The course offered online for home study by the Nevada academy will satisfy the 90 hour training requirements rrequired by the State of Nevada to get your real estate license.

Other Las Vegas based companies that provide training to help you get your Nevada Real Estate License include:

  • American Career Institute
  • American School of Real Estate Express
  • Americana Real Estate Academy
  • Avalon School of Real Estate
  • Berkshire Professional Schools,
  • College Southern Nevada
  • Real Estate School of Nevada
  • National Real Estate Institute

Although you can do nothing but home study and still be prepared to take and pass the Nevada Real Estate Licensing Exam it is highly recommended that you attend a live class. The amount of additional knowledge you will pick up is invaluable. You will also be able to ask specific questions that may arise. It is harder to ask a question to an instructor if you are doing at at home correspondence course.

According to the State Of Nevada the Real Estate Licensing Requirements for a Real Estate Sales Person License is

" Applicants for a real estate salesperson license must show, pursuant to NAC 645.435, proof of completion of the required 90 hours or 6 semester units of instruction in real estate principles, practices and law from a Nevada Real Estate Commission accredited provider . The course must include a minimum of 18 hours of Nevada law, consisting of NRS 645, 119, 119A, 119B and their respective administrative codes. Certified transcripts must be submitted with the license application. Copies of certified transcripts are accepted."

"Applicants must show proof of passing the national and Nevada state exam within one year of the application date. Applicants may use their national examination results from another state (if dated within one year of the date of application for a Nevada real estate license) but must show proof of those results. "

The Applicant must also be 18 years of age. If you do decide to pursue a career as a licensed real estate in Las Vegas then research put which real estate school in Las Vegas you would like to attend. Keep in mind that the cheapest real estate school may or may not provide the best value for the money you spend.

Most schools will help you with job placement but job placement is never guaranteed. Some times a real estate company will reimburse you for your real estate school costs if you go and work for that real estate company for a certain period of time.

Although you can make a lot of money as a real estate agent in Las Vegas you need to understand that this is not a job where you will make a lot of money starting off. In fact many people actually lose money for the first month or two. You will have monthly expenses that will vary from each real estate agency and if you make no sales then you make no commission. In real estate when starting out it is all about networking and getting your name out there.

If you are new to Las Vegas and do not know anybody you will have to network even harder. Maybe start going to church and meeting new people and getting your name out there.

Before you decide on a career selling real estate in Las Vegas you need to research out the area and the career and decide if real estate is for you. You will need to have some money saved up to support you until you make your first sale and earn a commission check.

The University Of Nevada Las Vegas also offers real estate courses to help you prepare to to succesful take the Nevada real estate exam to eanr your license.

While a career as a real estate agent allows you not to be chained to a desk on a set schedule you will still have to be motivated, dedicated, and a hard worker. If you sleep until noon each day and then go home at 3pm you will fail miserably as a real estate agent in Las Vegas.

Becoming a licensed real estate salesman in Las Vegas will be a very lucrative way to earn huge sums of money in the long run. Your first year or two your sales may be very sporadic but once you get established and repeat customers your earnings will increase drastically. When in the real estate business you do not ask your boss for a raise. You are the boss and you increase your earnings by working hard and having a good mentor to teach you the ropes of earning money as a real estate agent in the worlds greatest city Las Vegas Nevada. Image Credit: (Flickr/sfadden)