Las Vegas has a very storied history. For Las Vegas to go from a dry hot desert with nothing but a few Indians, explored passing through and some missionaries to be able to grow into the world destination it is today is fascinating to think about. What is even more fascinating is this book Las Vegas Then and Now. Las Vegas Then and Now documents how Las Vegas grew from nothing to what it is today. The images in this book are amazing.

You get a lot of then and now pictures. The earlier pictures show what Las Vegas use to look like and then a current photo documents what Sin City has evolved into. This book is able to graphically represent the changes that have occurred in Las Vegas.

You can see a picture of the Las Vegas you know and love and then see what it looked like before. One the left side is a picture of what Las Vegas looked like in the past and then on the right side of the book is picture of what it looks like today. You can easily see multiple photos of Las Vegas that show the historic past that we all know from When Elvis was Ricking the town to what it looks like today.

The modern images in Las Vegas were snapped in 2006. Many changes have occurred since then but this book is still well worth the money. If you are like me the book will get you excited as you see pictures of what Las Vegas use to look like. The excitement begins to fade as you compare the old image to the new one of modern Vegas. It is saddening to see the historic building of Las Vegas we all know and love to be imploded. For the small grind joints to be demolished to make way for yet another super casino.

If I had a time machine I would love to travel to Las Vegas. I would use my time machine to visit the Las Vegas of the 1970's. My favorite era of Las Vegas. The early to mid 1970's is what I crave to see. I would also use my time machine to travel to the 1960's Vegas, 1950's Vegas as well as all the other decades in Las Vegas history. I would also fly my time machine back to the very beginning when John C. Fremont was exploring the area. I would like to talk to the Mormon Missionaries that came to the area when there was nothing but the Indians. Unfortunately I do not have access to a time machine so this book Las Vegas Then and Now is the next best option.

It is truly saddening to see the old images of famous casinos such as the Dunes be demolished. These casinos were historic places. Las Vegas Then and Now the book does however give you a good feeling as you look at the old pictures of Las Vegas and are able to reminisce about the old days of Las Vegas.

I never did get to see Las Vegas in the 1970's. I did however get ride in a car down Fremont Street before it was blocked off to vehicular traffic and the huge canopy built. If only I had known that it would be the only time in my life I would ever be able to cruise down that part of Las Vegas in a Car. It is sad. Very sad. But I do relish looking at old pics of Las Vegas and the book Las Vegas Then and Now is a great book to look over.

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