Time Shares in Las Vegas are beginning to boom again. You can find some great deals on Las Vegas time shares on the resale market. Many times purchasing a time share will be more expensive then simply renting a hotel for a week once a year. Many people get suckered into signing an agreement for a time share and will never be able to earn back there costs.

Not all time share deals are bad though. If you find a time share you like and the price is reasonable as well as the annual fees for the timeshare then you and your family may want to consider purchasing a time share in Las Vegas.

There are countless time shares available in Las Vegas to purchase.Here are three popular time share choices in Las Vegas.

Tahiti Village

The most well known time share in Las Vegas is the Tahiti Village. Tahiti Village has employed many hucksters who are excellent salesmen to sell the time shares at Tahiti Village. The great thing about Tahiti Village is even when people realize they spent too much for a time share they still talk positive about the Tahiti Village company.

Bluegreen Club 36

The Bluegreen Club 36 has many timeshare slots available in the $27,000 range. What a great deal. You spend $27,000 and pay additional fees each year and you get to use the property for one week a year. This obviously is not one of them great deals. You can buy a complete condo unit that you OWN starting at $80,000 in Chicago. Why Pay $27,000 per year in addition to well over a hundred dollars a month in maintenance fees when you can stay at the Bellagio for much less?

Bellagio BalconyIn fact you can rent a room in the Bluegreen Club 36 for around $79.00 a night which is much less than buying a time share unit on the property and spending the same amount of time. Even if you own the week outright you still have to pay an annual maintenance fee and the annual maintenance fee alone is much more than simply renting out the room for a week.

The Jockey Club

The The Jockey Club is not near as new or fancy or luxurious as the Blurgreen Club 36 but it is still expensive to buy a week. You can purchase a 1 bed 1 bath time share unit at the Jockey Club for around $7,000 and possibly less if you can negotiate and the seller is hard up for money. You still have to bay annual maintenance fees.

I hate it when time share purchasers say they "own a time share". You don't own nothing. You simply pay a huge upfront fee and monthly maintenace fees for the right to stay in the room for one week per year. If you think you are truly an owner then why do the time shares with "floating weeks" only allow you to check in on certain days of the week. You do not own anything. DO not let the time share salesmen pressure you into buying something you can not afford. Even if you can afford an overpriced time share in Las Vegas why waste your money. Your money would be better off investing in a Las Vegas Condotel where you actually do own the unit. With a condotel you can actually earn money on your unit when you are not staying in it. Image Credit:(Flickr/Pix Of Stuff)