How would you like to get married inside of a Helicopter as it flies over the Las Vegas Strip at nighttime. In Las Vegas you can not only get a married inside of a helicopter but you can also get married sitting on a Harley Davidson motorcycle as well as countless other options.

Las Vegas make sit extremely easy to get your marriage license. Because a license to get married in Las Vegas is so easy to obtain it has made Las Vegas the wedding capitol of the world.

Elvis BrideYou can have a simple and inexpensive wedding or you can have an extravagant wedding. You can get married in a "drive thru" without leaving your car or you can get married inside of a limousine as it cruises down the Las Vegas strip.

Themed weddings are extremely popular in Las Vegas. You can have n Elvis themed wedding or even a "gangster" themed wedding. They even have Star trek themed weddings.

In Las Vegas you can get married on the pirate ship at Treasure Island or you can fly on a helicopter from las Vegas and get married at the Grand Canyon.

Elvis themed weddings are very popular in Las Vegas. The Graceland Chapel in Las Vegas has been around for 50 years and the Graceland Chapel is the original providers of the Las Vegas Elvis themed wedding.

Getting married is like playing a slot machine. You put your money into the slot machine and pull the handle. Hopefully you get the right items to line up and you have a successful and happy marriage but more than likely you will get shafted and have to keep putting more money into it hoping something might pan out. Eventually you walk a way broke with a lot of regrets.

One of the most Gorgeous places you can ever get married is located near Las Vegas. If you want an outdoor wedding consider Red Rock Canyon. can arrange for you to get married outside at beautiful Red Rock Canyon. In the evening time when you drive up to Red Rock Canyon and the sun is setting you can see the absolute beauty this area posses. The great thing about Red Rock Canyon is the beautiful setting is only a very short trip from Las Vegas.

It does not matter if you want a quick and cheap wedding or an Extravagant Chapel wedding. You can find the wedding of your dreams in Las Vegas. As for me, I'll save my marriage license fee for the Sea Food Buffet at Sams Town On Friday nights.

Image Credit: (Flickr/dawn-pinkchick)