Viva Las Vegas Elvis

The Best Hotel on the Strip in Las Vegas is the one that you like the most and can afford. Some people swear the Bellagio is the best hotel on the Strip, while others covet the Sahara. Obviously the Bellagio is a lot nicer than the Sahara, but why would you spend a lot of money on a hotel room in Vegas when you will rarely be in the room. If you like to take photos, then decide if you will want to take nighttime shots of the Vegas Skyline from your high rise hotel room.

Generally it is recommended that if you want to stay on the Strip, to find a lower cost Hotel such as the Sahara to stay at. You can spend your money elsewhere. The money you save can be used for the Vegas all day buffets or a trip to the South rim of the Grand Canyon.

Las Vegas for PhotographersIf you are a photographer, then you may end up paying a little bit more for a room. Vegas is a great city to take pictures in, and if you have a room on a high floor with a good view then you can snap pictures all day long clear into the night. Many photographers like to get a more expensive room if they are assured of a good view of the Vegas at night. The images they capture can be breathtaking.

If you are a photographer, but on a tight budget, then you can choose to rent a room with a magnificent view of the Vegas skyline for 1 night, and then move to a more budget friendly hotel.

In this city photographers have a lot of opportunities to take cool pictures, regardless of where they stay. One of the more popular areas for photographers to snap photos is down on Fremont. The Fremont Experience offers a wide avenue of photography options during the day and night time. You can take pictures of historic hotel casinos that use to be controlled by the Mafia. You can take nice pictures of the Fremont Canopy during one of the free light shows. You can also take photos of all the visitors to Fremont from all over the world. There is nothing funnier then taking pictures of people when they are dead drunk and staggering around screaming "Vegas baby!"

Las Vegas CocktailsIf you like Elvis, then Vegas is the place to be. You will more than likely be able to take funny photos of one of the many Elvis impersonators walking around in the city.

Las Vegas is a fun place for amateur shutterbugs to visit. You can take pictures all over the city and even head out to Hoover Dam for some scenic pictures. The whole area is comparable to letting a kid loose in a candy store for amateur photographers. When avid photographers return from their first trip to Nevada it could take them 3-6 months just to upload all of their images to Flickr. If you like taking photos with your Nikon DSLR and have never been to Las Vegas before, you need to schedule a cheap vacation to the Greatest City of Nevada. Even though you may not be drinking, I am sure we will hear you shout out at least once "Vegas Baby!" Image Credits: (Picassa/Andreas Stumptner) ---(Flickr/Thierry)--(Flickr/craigemorsels)