People go to spas for different reasons, but most of them get spa treatments to help their bodies relax and to spend time away from work and other stressful environments. There are various spas in the metropolitan area that provide massage treatments for your tired muscles and offer various kinds of saunas to spend your time in to detoxify your body. As some folks also go to spas to spend quality time with their family or friends as they receive relaxing massages, you're sure to find a quiet and calming spa near you that allows you and your friends to get different spa treatments while enjoying each other's company.

One such spa is the Lasema Jjim Jil Bang Spa and Sauna. This establishment is an authentic, family-oriented and traditional Korean spa located in the heart of Makati City. It lies in the metro's business district area which makes it accessible to many office workers and families living in the busy area. The Lasema Spa and Sauna is open 24/7, so you can come in anytime – after work, during weekends, or early in the morning – especially if you want to spend a great time with your children, better half, siblings, or friends while you all relax and receive massages.

This authentic Korean spa will help you relax with its vast wet area, sleeping caves, and massage rooms. The Lasema Spa and Sauna is also known for its interior design, spaciousness, and overall ambience which all aid in calming down its patrons and in getting them ready for a couple of hours of massage sessions and various spa treatments. Precious crystals and semi-precious stones such as jade, sapphire, amethyst and topaz are used to adorn the interiors of the spa as well as a part of several treatments due to their healing properties.

You can choose from a variety of spa treatments such as getting in one of the Jacuzzi baths filled with green tea, the jade steam room, or the healing ginseng pools. The herbs used in these baths are said to reduce your stress levels and give you youthful vitality, so you can try them out instead of the usual hot bath. The dry saunas located in the spa's common lounge are also great places to detoxify your tired body. You should take your pick among the Dome Clay Sauna, the Salt and Charcoal Sauna, and the Oak and Clay Sauna to experience a different kind of skin and body rejuvenation.

The cave-like dry saunas are all set at different temperatures to allow you to experience thermal therapy, a type of therapy used in cultures such as Korea, Japan and the West. The Dome Clay Sauna is set at 75 degrees; the Oak and Clay Sauna is set at 60 degrees; and the Salt and Charcoal Sauna is set at 50 degrees. A contrasting therapy is also available in Lasema: the ice room. In here, you will be treated to a temperature of two degrees to minus 11 degrees which will help your tissues and tired muscles recover from stress and fatigue.

The Lasema Spa and Sauna is the perfect place for you to relax and get the type of massage and spa therapy that your tired and weary body needs. You will feel how rejuvenated your body is after taking a couple of hours to rest and sleep in the spa and taking the time to indulge in nutritious food served in Lasema's own restaurant aptly named " Jewel in the Palace".

The Lasema Jjim Jil Bang Spa and Sauna is located in Lasema Plaza, 7232 Malugay Street in Barangay Bel-Air II, Makati City. The spa is situated just behind the Zuelig Building in Buendia and the RCBC Tower along Ayala Avenue.