Once you have decided to have a laser acne treatment, you will need to do some research in order to find a reliable clinic. Laser treatments for acne are safe and effective when provided by a trained and experienced dermatologist. To avoid unnecessary side effects and to get the best possible results, you will want to choose your clinic carefully. Your clinician should be both a skilled laser technician, fully familiar with laser equipment, and also a very experienced skin doctor, having an understanding of all kinds of acne skin conditions.

The first step in choosing your laser acne treatment clinic is to find out about staff qualifications. Sometimes clinic staff providing laser treatments are insufficiently trained or in some cases, not even medical doctors. Find out the names of the treatment staff and check with your local medical board to verify their qualifications and that no complaints have been filed. You may be tempted to call a clinic advertising a bargain package or to choose an office near your workplace, but remind yourself, that your skin is precious. It is important to choose a clinic with qualified medical professionals.

Laser Acne Treatment ClinicsBefore you actually sign up for treatments, ask for a consultation session. In this session you can expect the doctor to examine your skin to determine if treatments will be suitable for you. One question normally asked is "What other remedies have you tried?" Usually laser is not recommended when there is a chance that a cream or medication can offer relief. After studying your situation and determining that you will benefit from laser treatment, the doctor will outline a treatment plan.

At a consult you can ask about the clinician's training and experience, about the suggested approach for your skin, and whether the clinic has had similar cases. Sometimes the doctor will be able to show you pictures of other patients before and after treatment. Of course these will feature the clinic's best results. As a consumer of medical services, it is very valid to go to a few consults, at different laser acne treatment clinics, so you can compare your sense of their knowledge and expertise. Your "gut" will warn you if the clinic is more focused on profit than on service.

Ultimately, your comfort level should be a major deciding factor in your decision. It is so important to feel that you can talk with your doctor and express your concerns, knowing that he or she will listen and take the time to give you an answer. If for any reason you feel nervous about a particular clinic setting, keep looking around.

For most people cost is a significant concern. Unfortunately laser acne treatment is classified by medical insurers as "cosmetic", and for this reason is not covered. Due to the expense involved, people are sometimes tempted to compromise quality for a lower price. Please don't allow yourself to do this. In the long run you will get the best quality results and avoid unpleasant outcomes by choosing on the basis of skill. If cost is a major concern, ask about payment plans and opportunities to save by paying for a number of sessions in advance.