It doesn't really matter how much experience you have had with shooting to understand the helpfulness of laser boresighters. Before things get too complicated in this article, let's explain what they are. A laser bore sighter is used to get a rifle and scope in unison for better accuracy. Most hunters and competition shooters know the importance of shooting a gun before taking it out into the field. If you don't know how the gun is shooting, then it may have a negative effect on the outcome of your hunt. I mean thing about it, you wouldn't take a dock jumping dog to a competition without training it first, would you? Well, not if you wanted to win. You see, the same goes for hunting and competition shooting. A person needs to be comfortable with the rifle and handgun that they are using before they actually use it for a hunt or competition. In this day and time, there really is no better way to do so than by using a brand, shiny new laser bore sighter. So basically a laser beam is expelled from the midpoint of the rifles barrel. There are two types of laser boresighters. One of them inserts in the end of the barrel. The other looks just like a cartridge without a bullet and is inserted into the chamber. Both of them send a laser out from the center point of the rifles barrel which is where a bullet will go when fired from the gun. Here is where they help though. With one of these handy devices, a person can make sure the scopes and the rifle are in unison without even having to fire a shot. Once the laser is on, all the person has to do is makes sure that the crosshairs are line up on that dot. Sure, the lasers don't typically extend out to long distances, but with a little math, most operators will be able to configure accurate alignment with drop compensation.

With a laser a person does not have manually boresight a rifle. So basically, a laser boresighter can get a rifle not only on paper, but pretty accurate as well. This means that hunters and shooters will save both ammunition and time when trying to get their guns sighted in. This also means that they will be saving more money as well. Laser's such as these usually run around thirty dollars and up if you were wondering.