Are you plagued with eye problems like astigmatism or myopia? Problems like these may hinder you from fully getting everything out of life. The best way to solve problems like these is by going to an ophthalmologist and ask if you are a candidate for a laser eye surgery. This form o eye treatment is considered to be one of the most common as well as the safest way to get your normal vision back. Statistics supports that compared to other treatments, this procedure is one of the best ways to cure eye problems. In fact, there is only a small percentage of people who are unsatisfied with the result of their laser eye surgery. A lot of people have their normal vision back and have stopped using prescription eye glasses as well as contact lenses. Statistics supports this as it shows a large number of individuals who are now enjoying a better sense of sight.

How exactly is a laser eye surgery done and are you suitable for it? You are a candidate for this procedure depending on the prescription of your eyes. There are some doctors who do not operate when the prescription is very high. Before the operation, make sure that the doctor has answered your questions. The first thing that a doctor does during the treatment is to put anesthesia in your eyes. The anesthesia is a solution that will be dropped in your eyes to prevent you from feeling any discomfort. The doctor will cut a part of the surface of your corneas so that the lens can be lasered. The area will of course have to be cleaned before the actual laser application. The laser will cut a hole into the lens of the eyes in order to let light through. After that, the flap that has been cut will be replaced and the healing process will commence.

Before the actual procedure, know what the risks are. Ask your doctor how you can avoid these complications. You should also ask your doctor about their clinic's laser eye surgery statistics. Go for a doctor whose surgery success rate is comfortable for you. Research to know what the usual statistics of good clinics are and make sure that your doctor's rate is more or less the same as theirs. Checking this would give you an idea of the level of skill of your doctor. This will also help you avoid doctors who are not experts on the said procedure. This will also help you avoid re-surgeries later on because the treatment can be quite expensive even if it is done just once. Before surgery, check if your insurance covers the procedure.

The laser eye surgery usually has a very high success rate. Overall, <a href="">laser eye surgery statistics</a> say 97% of all surgeries are successful. But you must not forget that there are some problems that may arise from the procedure. Post-surgery healing can be tricky if you do not know how to take care of your treated area so don't forget to ask your doctor, I mean these are your eyes, your not <a href="">laser engraving pens</a>. For starters, make sure that you do not wash it even with water. Just use a cloth to clean the discharges that may be around the eye area. Just pat when cleaning and avoid undue rubbing. The procedure can cause dryness that is why you ask your doctors for safe eye drops that can rehydrate the eye. Note that after surgery, you won't get your normal vision back. It will take a year, more or less for you to get back your 20/20 vision.