Humans in modern culture have a natural instinct to remove hair from their bodies. Women throughout history and all over the world have strove for beautiful, smooth hairless skin, especially on their faces. Even most men in our culture shave daily to remove their facial hair. Hair removal isn't just held down to the face either. Many men, and some women, also shave all of the hair off of their heads. This is also a common practice in military organizations to facilitate the cultivation of a strong group environment and also to avoid live, ticks and fleas. Shaving of the head can sometimes be for fashion, and sometimes for religious reasons as well. Most women shave their legs and armpits. It is even considered acceptable, and sometimes desirable, in both men and women to remove pubic hair. If you have a interest in laser hair removal, or laser facial hair remover I would suggest you look around online. Kits can be found cheaply that can be used at home to permanently remove hair.

Laser hair removal relies on heated lights. These are in the form of laser beams or intense pulsed light, IPL. These heated lights destroy the hair follicle, rather than just the visible hair, and thus the hairs will never grow back. This process is done when I think light beam, the laser, is passed through the area of the skin the patient wants to become hairless. The darker pigments in the skin, also known as melanin, is targeted because it is often found in hairs. When the laser comes into contact with the hair follicle, the root from which the hair grows, it will do severe damage to the root. With only one treatment this will just cause the hair to grow much slower from the follicle, but after a few treatments the hair will cease to grow all together.

During this procedure the patient is required to wear special eye protection to protect their eyes from the dangerous high power lights being used to remove the hair follicles. A cooling device is also used on the surrounding skin to limit the temporary damage to the skin. The patient will usually feel sting when the laser is passed through the skin, but a anesthetic can be used to limit the pain.

Laser facial hair removal is the best method currently available on the market today to permanently remove facial hair.