When you are considering removing ugly hair using laser therapy there are many factors to consider . Before you plan on a specific amount for your facial hair removal, for example, you should spend the time to get a free consultation at a laser hair removal clinic. A free consultation is definitely recommended so you can learn about the process and what to expect when you go to have the simple procedure done.

It is impossible to get an exact idea of laser hair removal costs until you look at several factors. The first is your complexion. Generally speaking, people with blond hair or redheads will require more treatments than someone with dark hair. This is because the laser acts on the dark pigments in the hair and thus the greater the concentration of darker pigmentation the easier it is to rid the body of the unwanted hair. Another variable is the thickness of the hair on the area to be treated. Everyone has different ratios of hair follicles per square centimeter and this determines how many actual hair shafts need to be treated. Usually, you can assume the more hair shafts to be treated the greater the cost. A third consideration is the actual area of the body to be treated. It goes without saying that removing hair from a small area like the upper lip is going to be less expensive than having all the errant hair removed from your back.

After the type and number of hair follicles are considered the next greatest variable is the doctor's fees. Not all physicians and clinics charge the same amount. It is well worth your time to shop around especially if you are in an area with several places to choose from. In general you will find cheaper charges in smaller cities and suburbs than you will at a fancy clinic downtown. It is well worth your time to drive a few miles usually.

You should not just jumped at the cheapest offer though because a poor job can be painful and dangerous. When you are getting your consultation be sure to ask to see their results book. Every cosmetic surgeon has a book showing before and after pictures. Make sure the results look good. Also check with your Better Business Bureau and local Medical board for any complaints.

Hair growing where they shouldn't be is very ugly and embarrassing. Think of these potential variables when you are determining the cost of laser hair removal and get answers before you sign any contracts or have the procedure done. Removing hair with lasers is usually safe and effective, just spend the time before hand finding the best clinic and doctor for your needs.