Laser hair removal differs from some other out-of-date methods because it has proven effective in removal from almost all areas on the body. Techniques such as tweezing and electrolysis focus primarily on smaller areas of hair while lasers are able to target a larger number of follicles. Some patients who complain of unwanted hair on the chest, back and legs, for instance, are able to get relief from laser treatment after they were unsuccessful with other forms of hair removal. Removal of facial hair is also a benefit of this form of treatment and beams can effectively take care of particularly difficult hairs even on the most sensitive of faces. No area is either too big or too small for successful laser removal.

laser hair removalAnother attractive quality of laser hair removal is how quickly effective results can be achieved. Other old-fashioned techniques such as tweezing, shaving or waxing can take up countless hours and even mediocre results aren't particularly long-lasting. Because these methods don't target the base of the follicle, hairs will regrow and constant maintenance is required. Laser treatment can take as little as a few minutes for small areas and larger portions of the body can experience excellent results in less than two hours. It should also be noted that these results usually include a long-term reduction in future hair growth.

Electrolysis, an alternative form of hair removal, is often thought to produce results more permanent than laser treatment. Even though electrolysis may result in extended periods of relief, it remains a very painful and time-consuming procedure. As each and every individual hair is targeted by passing an electrical current through to the base of the follicle, it takes a very long time to cover larger areas and involves an uncomfortable sensation during treatment.

Laser hair removal boasts much less painful results than electrolysis. The sensation felt during laser therapy has been described as feeling like rubber popping up against bare dermis. Waxing also produces this type of sensation but, unlike laser removal, waxing cannot promise the long-lasting results that laser treatment can deliver.

While some patients may feel anxiety from the thought of a laser being aimed at their skin, the truth is that the light used to treat the skin during this method is extremely safe. Aside from the low chance of side effects, laser treatment does not cause nicks or razor burn and won't result in painful ingrown hairs. Other methods may leave missed spots while lasers leave a far smoother result than inferior hair removal techniques.

One of the most common resulting benefits of laser hair removal is the lack of constant grooming techniques like shaving, tweezing and waxing. These methods undoubtedly prove time-consuming and can cost a great deal of money because of the need for constant maintenance and frequent treatment. Laser removal offers the additional feeling of confidence that comes from not having to worry about your smooth skin before an important event. Is there a big date or day at the beach in your future? If you've used laser removal removal treatment you can rest assured that unwanted hairs won't be making an appearance.