Laser hair removal prices vary based on the geographical area of the treatment. The physical stature of the customer is also a contributing factor. It's is important that the hair must be darker than the surrounding skin to under go a laser treatment. Most of us are not aware of the different treatment types. Listed below are five different types of laser removal solutions practiced today

  • Pulsed light / Ultimate light

  • The diode laser

  • Nd:Yag

  • Ruby

  • Alexandrite

Laser Hair Removal Pricing

The cost of hair removal through laser therapy can vary drastically across the country for mysterious reasons. The western part of the country charges an average of $375 per visit, whereas the north central region charges $150. It will cost you an average of $500 per visit in the eastern region. There sure must be a lot of contributing factors for such an extreme pricing range across the country.

The prices also differ based on the area in which the hair was removed. The back area is the costliest with an average pricing between $600 and $900. The face and neck also comes to the same pricing as the back as this a sensitive area and requires minute care. The legs are next in line followed by the bikini area with prices ranging from $600 to $850 and $350 to $500 respectively. The arms and chest are cheaper than the rest with the prices averaging between $250 and $600. Underarms and the upper lips are the cheapest when it comes to hair removal using laser.

Factors contributing to the pricing

As we have already understood that although the treated body area is the major contributing factor in determining the prices for laser hair removal, there are other factors that needs to be considered that might directly or indirectly contribute to the pricing. Let us take a look at some of the other contributing factors.

  • Clinical Location: As much as the geography of the treatment area, the geography of the treatment center is also vital in determining the pricing. Often the specialist or the clinician also determines the cost of the laser hair removal treatment. If you decide to go to a reputed surgeon, then it is quite obvious that you will be paying more.

  • Equipment: The kind of the laser equipment will also determine the average cost. Some clinics use flat rates. This means that for a procedure in a certain area you end up paying a fixed amount and this will not be determined by the texture of the hair and the surface area of the procedural area.

  • Number of sessions: Most of the laser hair removal treatments require more than one session and it's quite possible that you are not aware of this factor and therefore end up paying more than you had anticipated. So make it a point to understand the number of sessions that you might require before you commit yourself to the treatment.

Some of these clinics also offer packages that usually work out cheaper than one single session. These packages often combine different procedures and hence you might end up saving a lot of money. You can also look out for some of the clinics that offer a free session for every couple of paid sessions. Just keep in mind all these contributing factors to determine the best possible option that will work out for your budget. Whatever the option is don't always keep the pricing as the priority as you might be barking up the wrong tree in the end. Always put your health before all the other considerations and make a reasonable choice.