Laser liposuction is a revolution in cosmetic and fat removal surgery. It has opened the doors for a number of safer surgical procedures allowing fat to be removed from all areas of the body. Although the back is not the most popular of these areas, fat deposits there can create extra bulges that modify the figure. The procedure to remove back fat is similar to other laser liposuction procedures, only the target area is different.

The removal of back fat can dramatically improve the contouring of your figure. Women are often especially unhappy with the accumulation fat around the upper back area, an area that the bra support strap doesn't help to enhance. Both sexes, however, are able to benefit from surgery to remove these accumulations, in particular from the lower sides of the back where 'love handles' can develop over time. Other common spots of the back for fat to accumulate are the small of the back and the are by the pits of the arm, specifically under them. Procedures are available for these areas too.

For women, a popular spot of the back to have laser liposuction is around the upper back area, particularly where the bra support strap rests. Surgery in this area can increase a woman's confidence when wearing tight tops and make her feel altogether more feminine. This spot is medically known as intra scapular portion of the back. Surgery here leaves the area tighter and firmer giver her a curvaceous back she feels more comfortable with.

For men, the lumbar area on the lower portion of the back is a popular choice. Patients should know that before operating on this area the doctor may request an x-ray. He will check the back for any major fat deposits, particularly things called focal lymphomas, and also for birth marks. These minute problems can be an indication of possible problems near the lower area of the spine. Focal lymphomas are benign but the surgeon will make sure the patient is in good health before he proceeds with the liposuction procedure.

The middle to lower back is also a problem spot. This area of fat deposits in laymans terms is the buffalo hump, but in medical lingo it is called the cervico dorsal hump. Liposuction procedures to this area are only performed on patients that are grossly obese.

Surgical contouring of any area of the back can be incredibly effective but do please remember that any significant weight gain after the surgery could destroy the results. Laser liposuction is never a miracle cure. Whilst it will help you lose weight and reshape your body in the short term, it is up to you to ensure the upkeep of your body in the future. Changes to your diet and lifestyle are always recommended following any such procedure.

You should also remember that it is vital to be upfront with your doctor when going in for a plastic surgery procedure. Fat on the back is caused by an increase of dermal fat, so a medical procedure performed to this spot must be chosen carefully. Repetitive removal of fat is known to cause damage to the skin and even scarring. Excessive removal of fat from the back are can also lead to a condition called skin necrosis. This is not only dangerous but results in the area being permanently scarred, so be sure to inform your surgeon of any prior surgical alterations to this area.

If you're considering a fat removal procedure, ask your doctor about the benefits and risks of laser liposuction. Used sensibly laser liposuction can be a safe and effective way to remove fat from your back.