RangefinderLaser Rangefinders are electronic devices used to measure the distance of an object. They have been around for many years but current models are significantly more advanced and affordable than previous versions.

rangefinder deerLaser Rangefinder Operation
The core range finding function of most laser rangefinders works in the following manner. First, you hold the device in your hand and look through the lens which has an LCD screen and some sort of reticle (crosshair) for accurate aiming. Next you press a button, often on top of the unit, this fires a laser pulse which is shot out to the object you want to range, the laser hits the target and bounces back to the unit. The rangefinder then calculates how long the laser took to reach the target and return back to it, the device then does the math and converts the results into a distance reading which is viewed through the same lens you aim through. This all happens quickly and results are displayed in about a second on many models.















Laser Rangefinder Uses
Golf ClubsGolfers have found great value in these little devices, knowing the correct distance to the fairway or green enables them to choose the appropriate club for the shot. Hunters are another group of sportsmen that have found these gadgets of great use, because knowing the correct distance to an animal helps ensure a quick humane kill. Rangefinders can also be used for rough estimates on construction jobs, or even marking off informal sports fields at a park. *Let everyone know what you use your rangefinder for in the comments box below.















Laser Rangefinder Features
Rangefinder ModesMost current production rangefinders have numerous modes. Most major manufactures offer at least a few models with some sort of angle compensation feature. This helps give the user a more precise reading when the target being ranged is at a steep angle. Many manufactures offer a mode that helps the device effectively range find in the rain or snow. Another popular feature offered by many companies is a mode that keeps the unit from getting any readings closer than a certain distance. This is helpful when you are in dense cover and do not want the rangefinder giving you readings off little branches or obstructions between and the intended target.

Laser Rangefinder Selection
There are a wide variety of rangefinders available today. However, most are marketed towards either hunters or golfers, although often times they are the virtually identical units but the hunting version has a camo finish. Also, each company has their own name for certain features, especially the angle compensation feature, with nearly every company having their owned trademarked named like Leupold's TBR (
True Ballistic Range).