The beauty of youth begins to fade day by day. We look at the mirror and wonder how long can we hang on to our young looks. We scrutinize every inch of our faces to see if we have the beginning of a wrinkle or crease. Then one day we wake up and realize that we are old. The elastic skin of our teenage years is replaced with skin that sags, clinging loosely from our jaw lines. At this point face lifts and chin tucks start to look like enticing prospects. After all, being old is permissible but looking old is a sin. Pain makes your beautiful and shockingly enough there is quite a bit of truth in that as any type of cosmetic surgery carries with it a degree of pain as well as potential health risks. There is another alternative that is available and it is no where near as invasive as going under the knife of a surgeon. It is call Laser Skin Tightening.

This unique laser skin rejuvenation can work wonders on a careworn face or neck. It dramatically reduces creases, wrinkles and laughlines as well as smoothing out the dermis so you can once again have that soft supple feel on your cheeks that you haven't had since you first got your driver's license. You will notice the difference immediately after the procedure which is why it is gaining quickly in popularity. More than one session will be needed but they need to be spaced out by one month so that the skin has enough time to fully heal.

Men and women who wish to improve their looks are candidates for facial skin tightening. Patients can avoid the pain and lengthy recuperation periods that accompany traditional plastic surgery procedures. You will see dramatic improvement as the collagen regenerates under your skin breathes new life into your countenance.

Laser skin tightening is affordable. People who are accustomed to regular cosmetic surgery prices are pleasantly surprised to find out how inexpensive it is. Many doctors agree that it is the best bargain in the industry because of how effective it is in relation to its cost. When you factor in the fact that you don't have to miss work to receive the procedure there is even more savings because there is no downtime. The cost is relative to the needs of the client as the location as well as the size of the area determines the cost of laser skin tightening. Expect the cost to be anywhere from five hundred to three thousand dollars per treatment. Financing is available for your laser skin treatments, many of them are at zero percent interest, same as cash financing as long as they are paid with ninety days from the date that you receive the procedures.

Thermage skin tightening work with pulses of high frequency infrared light. This causes a deep heating that stimulates healing and collagen rebuilding. The procedure is quick and not more painful than a moderate sunburn. The actual skin trauma is minimal which means that the healing time is quick. Despite that repeated treatment should not be more frequent than a month apart as the skin does need to reacclimatise to the skin tightening. The body's healing response is natural as new tissue is regenerate and the laxity of the skin is reduced. Don't be surprised if your jowls disappear as this has been know to produce miracles.

There are some preparations that the client must undergo before receiving laser skin tightening. For the first month the client has to stay out of the sun. Sunblock, hats or just outright staying inside is recommended. A patient cannot be treated if she has a herpes breakout so if a patient is prone to such breakouts then herpes medication may be prescribed that will prevent cold sores. Also any type of acidic cream needs to be avoid entirely. Clients must heed these preparatory steps in order to get receive an optimum treatment.

There are many different types of laser tightening equipment manufacturers. Consult a dermatologist to determine which one is the best for you. Chances are that they will recommend the equipment that they are most familiar. The difference between the equipment is secondary to the skill of the technician who is using it so do your best to pick an experienced dermatologist. Laser skin tightening is a reliable, effective and safe way to get some youth back on your face and it doesn't take a long amount of time to do so. Scars, pock marks and enlarged pores are all reduced with laser skin tightening. No longer do you have to stare in the mirror and convince your self that the wrinkles and fine lines are hardly noticeable. Now you can do something about it. Undoubtedly you have questions so the best thing to do is schedule a consultation with your local dermatologist. They will be able to consult your personal needs and craft a regimen of care to get you the results you want.

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