My Keloid Scars

Having been a sufferer of keloid scars for most of my life, I can completely understand the misery and embarrassment this type of scarring can cause an individual.  While I have not yet tried laser surgery for my keloid scars yet, I am soon going to. 

My personal treatment of choice for the past twenty years has been injections of steroids directly into the scars themselves.  This is effective to a point and is certainly worth doing.  Each time I have a series of injections, the scars do become dramatically flatter and lose the annoying itch that can plague me at almost all times.  Still, the purple discoloration remains in spite of the positive benefits.  So, I am definitely left much more comfortable, but still feel somewhat disfigured.


Picture Of Keloid Scars

How Laser Surgery For Keloids Works

My dermatologist has suggested laser surgery to improve and/or even eliminate this discoloration.  Apparently the scars will not completely go away and return to normal skin, but will instead appear as normal flat “white” scars after laser treatment.

The laser works by removing a tiny layer of skin, which will allow healthier skin to surface.  Sometimes, the laser treatment will even stimulate the production of collagen.  The result of more collagen will be the growth of healthy skin.

The procedure can take anywhere from a few minutes to hours.  I have large portions of skin on my chest and shoulders covered with keloid scars, so I imagine it will take hours to treat them all.  In any case, after years of multiple visits to have injections into my scars, a few hours just doesn’t seem very daunting.

The recovery process is supposed to be very easy, but there may be a little bit of pain.  Within about four days, new skin will start to grow and improvements should be seen.  Apparently in years past, laser surgery for keloid scars was much more invasive to the skin, and recovery times were longer.  Nowadays, the lasers only burn off a very thin layer of skin.  This means there are fewer possible complications to deal with as well.

The cost of the laser surgery might be a bit prohibitive.  It certainly is for me…hence the waiting around!  The average cost to treat a section of a face, for example, can be around $1500.  So, people with extensive scarring such as myself might be in for a pretty large bill.  For this reason I will likely opt to only treat the more visible keloid scars with the laser, such as on my chest.

In any case, it is certainly worth taking a look at laser surgery for your keloid scars as a treatment option.

Keloid Laser Surgery Video