Whether you are a full time carpenter or only like to work on home improvement projects in your spare time, I can wager that you've used a tape measure at some point in your life and at some point you have probably struggled a bit when using the tape measure. You have likely had trouble because you had to use it yourself and couldn't get an accurate measurement or because it kept constantly slipping off of whatever you were trying to hook it to. Sometimes you you are in a position where there isn't anything to hook it to at all. We all hate it once we measure something, possibly more than once, and still seem to mess up on the dimensions. However, I believe that these days are over. Enter, laser measuring tools. These new digital wonders are a much easier to use, a lot more versatile, and more accurate.

Laser tape measures are extraordinarily accurate and incredibly simple to use. Most laser tape measures are the size of a dollar bill with the thickness of about an inch, but I have seen them thinner. To use one of these tools all you need to do is tell the device the way you want it to measure, whether or not it's from the bottom of the instrument-if your measuring from the butt to a point or measuring from the tip of the device to another point. This will come in handy if you are measuring something like a board. After you pick the spot where you want the software to start the measurement at you then aim the pink dot of the laser on the spot where you want your measurement to finish and hit the button and that's it. Its easier and takes much less time to use than your traditional tape measure.

Laser tape measures are not only nice for measuring straight lines, you may also measure square footage. You select the area button and now you can measure the sq. footage of a room, by measuring the size of one wall within the room and the width of another.Your device can use the pythagorean theorem if it's going to measure a triangle space and only needs two sides to work with. Before many people had to do the math in their head or carry a calculator to do this.

The ease and advantages of using laser measuring instruments are incredible. I wouldn't advocate throwing away your older tape measure but there are definitely some great reasons why you would want to upgrade to a newer laser tape measure.

Advantages Of A Laser Tape Measure

In the past, when you would try to measure a room, you would exit into your garage or shed and get your old tape measure. The usual tape measure will be difficult to use. As I already said, most of the time, you need atleast two individuals to get an correct measurement, especially if it longer than an arms length. On top of that, older tape measures can get ruined when they get wet and will no longer retract all of the way shut. Ever attempt to measure up to the ceiling by yourself? Two persons are required or the tape will fall in your head. The older style of tape measure is also not very accurate. When you are measuring a room or to the ceiling, have you ever discovered that there is sag in the metal tape? This sag takes away out of your accuracy by a noticeable amount. Have you ever ever laid your tape measure on the bumpy ground? This also takes away from your measurement accuracy.

Would it be nice to have a measuring gadget that you can use by your self and not have to worry about it getting too dirty or wet? As well as all of the previously mentioned advantages this is one of the greatest things about laser tape measures.

If you're a realtor or a home appraiser, the laser measuring tape is ideal. You may measure room sizes and quickly calculate square footage of rooms and areas in any home. Before this would have taken a lot of time. Contractors will definitely profit from this type of measuring device. This device will reduce the time a worker needs to spend and offers you unbelievable accuracy for construction and remodeling jobs. Increasingly more professionals are using such a laser measuring devise.

One of many good thing about using a laser measuring tape is that you do not need anybody to help you with simple measurements. They're incredibly simple to use even by yourself. They have a red dot pointer and that you just point it at what you wish to measure. These work by shooting out the laser till it hits a surface. A small amount of the light will bounce back directly, and using this information it can calculate the distance between the pointer and the point where it bounces back. Then take that measurement and it can be converted to feet, inches, meters or any kind of other measurement you may need. A few of the ones available on the market could be even hooked up to your laptop computer so you can enter your all of your measurements into a spreadsheet or other type of document. You will no longer need a second person to stand on the other end of the tape, you can just point and click.

Laser measuring tapes are an example of utilizing technology to make a simple everyday task that much easier. Some people will inevitably have some problem with this new technology and will prefer to stick with the more traditional metal tape measures-and there is really nothing wrong with this but in the end you just can't beat the accuracy of a laser measuring tape.

If you are trying to find a new laser tape measure then I would suggest you just look online. You can quickly pull up all of the reviews by customers who have already bought them and compare prices in seconds. Some of these have a lot of other options that you will find useful such as a laser level or a stud finder. Every version on the market has different advantages and disadvantages and different uses. You shouldn't have any trouble finding one that does exactly what you want it to do however.