Unlike other tattoo removal treatment options, laser removal only targets the ink used in the tattoo process. Other methods including surgical incision, dermabrasion, sanding, and chemical peels are often more invasive and are more likely to result in scarring. Laser tattoo removal has become more effective and less painful over the years as advances have been made in technology. Many people are choosing this type of treatment to get rid of unsightly tattoos that they no longer want displayed on their bodies.

You may be tempted to try other options like tattoo removal cream or other skin treatments. However, while these options may seem less costly in the long run they can end up costing a lot of money and are certainly less effective if your goal is to remove the tattoo completely. Laser tattoo removal has become very popular for people who don't just want their tattoo to fade--they want it to go away forever. If you simply want your tattoo to fade you might be happy with the results you get from a cream, but if you're like most people you probably want it to totally disappear.

Laser tattoo removal prices will vary depending on the size, color, age, and location of the tattoo as all these factors will determine how many sessions it will take to achieve the desired results. Prices will also vary depending on what area and region you live in as well as the equipment and staff of the facility. Be wary of places that claim to perform tattoo laser treatments at dirt cheap prices as this is probably a red flag that something shady is going on.

Chances are if you have a tattoo with lots of different colors it will take more than one type of laser to achieve the desired results. Lasers are designed to target colors at different wavelengths. So expect to pay more if your tattoo is especially colorful. Red, orange, yellow, and white seem to be the most stubborn colors to fade when it comes to laser tattoo removal. If you have a solid black tattoo you're in much better shape. If your tattoo is both large and contains the bright colors listed above you're probably looking at around 15-20 treatments. The waiting period between treatments is usually somewhere between 3 and 4 months and the sessions last around 10 to 30 minutes.

Some treatment centers charge per session while others have package plans available. If you have a large or multi-colored tattoo expect to make several trips for at least a year or more. The skin needs time to heal in between sessions so unfortunately you can't expect to get rid of most tattoos during one visit. If your tattoo is small (2"x2") you can probably expect to pay around $900 to have your tattoo removed with a laser. Larger tattoos (8"x8") can cost $2300 or more. Of course, this all depends on the color of your tattoo. Most clinics start to lower the price for sessions if you require additional visits after 12 months. They say that it costs approximately 10 times the amount to have a tattoo removed than it does to have one inked on your skin.