It sounds exciting and simple: get a doctor to remove your stretch marks quickly and stop worrying about them forever. Unluckily, stretch marks are common problems with no simple solution. Different doctors intellectually clash on what really works and what doesn't. Whereas some medical practitioners tend to embrace the laser treatment stretch marks enthusiastically, others are skeptical. Nevertheless, different types of laser medical procedures are provided to reduce the appearance of numerous stretch marks on one's body.

>>>> The Basics…
The major problem with stretchmark is that it affects the dermis. Dermis is the mid layer of your skin sandwiched between the subcutaneous layer underneath and epidermis on the outer surface. Lotions and creams tend not to go beyond the epidermis. This leaves you with two options: to either consider more expensive treatments or get rid of the stretch marks naturally. Anytime the skin is forced to stretch in order to accommodate the larger you, like when building muscles during weight exercises or when you are pregnant, whitish lines known as stretch marks tend to form.

They occur when the collagen and elastin within the dermis cannot stretch fast enough to rhythm with the growth of your body. For instance, relate it to a rubber band which has been stretched beyond its full capacity and you will have a good picture of what transpires in the dermis.

>>>> Types of laser treatments for Eliminating Stretch Marks.

>>> Pulsed dye laser: Some physicians believe that pulse dye laser treatment works by enhancing the growth of elastin and collagen within the dermis, making recessed stretch marks to begin filling back out. According to Resnik Skin-Institute of Aventura in Florida, fresh stretchmark (which is still red), can respond better to this treatment than the older stretchmark that has already changed to a white color.

You may need to go for several sessions, which could be spaced as a long as 2 months apart, in order to experience the best results. Although this procedure might cause a slight irritation, the skin's surface remains significantly unaffected because the laser focuses on the dermis underneath. The worst you can encounter is a bruise and perhaps a slight bit of bleeding, of which would clear within 2 to 3 weeks.

>>>Exciser laser: The Exciser laser treatment works through a different method. Particularly in light skinned people, the stretch marks tend to look considerably lighter compared to the surrounding skin. Exciser laser stimulates melanin production, making the stretch marks to have a similar color as the surrounding skin. A single session won't be enough; you will need around ten therapies with the laser (once every 2 weeks) to realize remarkable results.

Even at that time, you would need more treatments to sustain the new color. It's advisable to have one session every 2 to 3 months. Remember that the existing texture of the stretchmark will not change as the laser just affects the color. Just like pulsed dye laser, your skin won't be damaged; all you will see is some slight redness.

>>>> Advantages of laser treatment stretch marks…

>>> It's fast paced as you can see the results within a few days after the surgery. This cannot be attained in the conventional methods of removing stretch marks.

>>>> Disadvantages of laser treatment stretch marks…

>>> They are time-consuming. This implies that you would need multiple sessions to reduce the stretch marks. The number of sessions is determined by age of your stretch marks.

>>> They are best utilized on stretch marks that are reddish or brownish in color. The laser treatments usually do not give the best results on old stretch marks particularly when the color is almost similar to your skin color.

>>> There is no medical evidence that supports the efficiency of laser therapy in removing stretch marks.

>>> Laser treatment stretch marks do not repair damaged scars or tissues.

>>> Laser treatments are characterized by side effects such as swelling, blistering, scarring and bruising of the treated area.

Laser treatment stretch marks for Getting Rid of Stretch Marks  aren't meant for individuals operating on a tighter budget. In most cases, the cost for every treatment is about $400 or more. And remember, you are not going for only one treatment. To realize excellent results, you would most likely require ten sessions or more. Your health insurance won't be useful as the procedure is usually considered cosmetic. The costs may run into thousands.