How do you know if you have astigmatism? -having blurred vision, or having sharp vison but you experience recurring squinting, headaches or discomfort may be a sign of astigmatism. Astigmatism is a hereditary condition and it is well worth having regular eye checks if you show any of the symptoms. Laser eye surgery for astigmatism is an extremly viable option to treat the problem permanently.

Laser eye surgery astigmatism

Astigmatism actually prevents the eye from forming a clear picture on the eyes retina. This is sometimes because of some scarring of the cornea, but it can also be due to having an irregularly shaped cornea. The cornea is the transparent outer layer that covers the front of the eye (the iris, pupil, and the anterior chamber). Together with the eyes lens, the cornea refracts light and is responsible for about two-thirds of the eyes total optical power. The refractive error caused by a incorrectly shaped cornea means that the eye cannot bend sufficent light as it enters the eye. This causes problems with viewing fine detail and may also cause some items that are vertical to appear slanted.

Laser eye surgery for astigmatism

Astigmatism is usually treated using glasses or contact lenses, which enable both eyes to focus correctly, but these dont actually fix the condition. In addition, for some people concerned with body image or those who lead extremley active lives may find glasses unsightly and difficult to wear constantly. The daily care of contact lenses can also be tiresome. For these people having corrective laser eye surgery for astigmatism is an oppotunity to fix the condition permanently.

Laser eye surgery improves vision by reshaping the eye. The reshaping is achieved by specifically targeting a tiny portion of the eye, as reshaping the whole eye at once would be too complex. For astigmatism, the cornea of the eye is the part that is reshaped by the laser surgery in order to eliminate the refractive errors. In order to be successful in your laser eye surgery for astigmatism you must take the time to research suitable clinics and surgeons. It is also worth taking the time to compare prices and maybe try to locate special offers on laser eye surgery, which are often located on the web.