One of the most often asked questions concerning Lasik eye surgery has to deal with the recovery phase. Specifically, people often want to know how long it will be before the fully recover. Therefore, we are going to discuss this subject in more detail.

As advertised, Lasik is a very quick procedure that provides amazing vision correction. Specifically, an experienced Lasik eye surgeon can perform the surgery in eight to ten short minutes.

During the procedure, a surgeon uses a microkeratome to cut a flap on the portion of your eye called the cornea. After this small incision has been made, the surgeon uses the laser to vaporize small portions of the inner portion of the eye, which is called the stoma. The minimization of the stoma is what causes the eye to reshape itself, resulting in improved vision.

Since the only real portion that needs to heal is the cornea (the stoma doesn't heal), it really doesn't take very long for your body to fully recover. Therefore, most surgeons advocate for at least a forty eight hour recovery period. We say at least, because usually the optimal healing period is around four days.

With that said, that is short term healing. For the long term, it can realistically take up to six months for everything to fully stabilize.

While you could return to work the day after the surgery, we highly recommend against doing so.

After this procedure, you may be expected to wear an eye shield. This shield, along with the prescribed antibiotics, is designed to guard against infection.

Possible Complications

While Lasik in Dallas is usually considered a complication free surgery, there are possible complications that you should know about due to the heat of Texas. The most common complaint that has been observed is dry eyes. These can last from a couple of days to six months. If you experience this symptom, you need to contact your surgeon immediately.

Additionally, other complications include seeing halos, glaring, diminished night vision, regression, and infection.

Of these complications mentioned above, the most significant is infection. If one of your eyes becomes infected, it is very important that you see your eye surgeon quickly. While you may not think that the infection is that bad, the fact is that infections can very easy lead to vision loss if not treated.

Items to Avoid

During the recovery, it is important to avoid make up and lotions for a few days. Additionally, you must ensure that you avoid contact sports for a while. Even though the last sentence sounded funny, you would be amazed at how many people have eye surgery then try to attend a Karate class.

Additionally, you should avoid whirlpools, swimming and hot tubs for at least a week.


As we have demonstrated, the Lasik recovery generally is fairly easy to undergo. However, at the first sign of trouble, you should quickly call your surgeon. If you feel foolish doing so, just think how foolish you would feel if you lost your eye sight because you hesitated.

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