Christmas Holiday Decorating Tips

Holiday Decorating With The Kids

Christmas decorating

Holiday decorating is a good project to do with kids; and every year you add to the previous year's output. You'll be surprised when you see how laden your trees are with all the ornaments you've made over the years. This would seem like a nice family tradition to have passed on. These don't have to be excessive or difficult and you can begin right now even when you've already decorated your Christmas tree. There's always room for more.

Here are some last-minute Christmas decorating ideas that are really quick and easy and demand absolutely no brain power, talent, or energy.

1.  For a festive table:  Stamp a design of a gold leaf pattern over a white linen tablecloth.

2.  Using a gold pen, draw swirls of patterns on glass balls and stack them into a glass bowl for a centerpiece. You can also use bronze, and silver balls placed in a large pewter ashtray. Wound a few sprigs of greens or golden strand of garlands here and there produce a nice table decoration.

3.  Frame a collage of family pictures from Christmases past and place it in the entryway or prop it up on the mantel amidst the greenery.

4.  Place a modest electric candle lamp in the powder room and place red guest towels. Fill up a small vase with sprigs of pine or fill a basket using pinecones.

5.   Surround a tabletop tree using gorgeous packages wrapped with simple materials like Kraft paper, jute, or gold mesh. Use cellophane for wrapping around colored tissue paper. Bunch up the ends and shrink together a few inches from the top, then tie using a pretty organdy ribbon.

6. For a no-effort Christmas decoration, tie tiny sprigs of greens jointly and hang them inverted from windowpanes. Collect a large bunch of greens, tie with white satin ribbon, and stick on to one top corner of the window frame.

7.   If you truly want a minimal idea, get a large basket lined having brightly colored fabric and fill with red and green M&M's. Place this on a table in your entryway and watch them vanish! It's festive, it's fun, and kids and adults love them.

8.   For an instant holiday lift to your sofa or chairs, wrap your throw pillows with fat satin ribbons, just like a package.

9. Combine huge red and gold tree ornaments by having red and green apples in a bowl.

10. Place votive candles in glass tumblers and envelop each with gold mesh, organdy, or a nice ribbon.

11. Hollow out artichokes (stranger than apples) to hold votive candles.

12. Wrap your plants, create bows for the backs of chairs, tie back curtains using a ribbon. It would dress up anything instantly.

13.  Put a miniature tree in the kitchen and blanket with candy canes, and tie-in Christmas candies to the branches.

14.   No time to shop? Create a Christmas centerpiece or mantel decoration by filling an adorable bowl using green moss topped with bright golden pears. Tie an elegant bow around the bowl. When you don't have moss, use gold tissue paper.

15.   Fill huge glass bowls using potpourri and set votive candles in the center. When the candle warms up the inside of the bowl, the scent of the potpourri is released.

16. When you've run out of Christmas wrapping paper and there's one more left to wrap, utilize the comic pages from the newspaper, shelf paper, a child's artwork, leftover wallpaper, or magazine pages taped together in a great and colorful collage.

17.   When you run out of name tags, just write the recipient's name on the ribbon ends of the bow. Or use glue and short pieces of ribbon to "print" that somebody's name on a white gift box.

18.   The prettiest decorations can be the simplest. Dip Christmas balls into white semi-gloss latex enamel so the bottom half is clothed with a snow-like pattern. Or sponge-paint the white enamel at random over red and green balls. This is an amusing project to do with children. Dip pinecones into the paint and hang like little snow-covered trees on the larger tree. While the paint is still wet, scatter glitter on the pinecones.

19.   Simple quilted wall hangings can be utilized for table covers and later as winter throws. There are many that are quite cheap.

20.   Finally, there's nothing fresher or more Christmassy than greens picked from the backyard. Just lay them across the mantel, over a sideboard, on the top of the kitchen cabinets. Then add a string of clear lights and your home will ooze with a festive feeling with the least bit of effort.


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