Christmas is upon you, time is of the essence and the man in your life is still without a present. What are the ideal last minute Christmas gifts for men?

Well, of course, you can turn to those last minute Christmas gifts staples such as cologne, shavers and socks, but let's face it, he's probably not going to be stunned by your originality.

The good news is, with a little bit of forethought, you can find last minute Christmas gifts for the man in your life that are original, different and guaranteed to put a smile on his face.

Men are quite possibly the most difficult group to buy Christmas gifts for. I always struggle to find something unique and different for my man. He likes lots of things, but does not have any particular interest around which I can base my gift choices.

Last Minute Christmas Gifts:

If yours does have a hobby or interest – great! If he's a sports fan, why not get him tickets to a game, a unique piece of team memorabilia, or something that he uses while playing his sport?

If he's a keen DIY-er, men love power tools. You may need to take advice from other DIY experts as to what to buy, but anything that helps bring out his macho side – even if it never gets much further than being used once or twice. A Makita drill was an unlikely last minute Christmas gift from me to my man, but my husband is so proud of it! (Yeah, I don't get it either).

If the man in your life is a music junkie, why not get him something related? Tickets to a show are good if you know the artists he enjoys. Otherwise, neat gadgets, such as record players that convert vinyl to MP3 should keep him busy over the holidays. Or maybe search online for a rare vinyl of his favorite group, or a t-shirt or merchandise? Or one of the latest iPods? Music and music related presents all make great last minute Christmas gifts.

Men love gadgets. If yours fancies himself as a bit of a Gordon Ramsay, there are all manner of kitchen gadgets that make great Christmas gifts for men and will keep him amused – you may even score yourself a meal out of it!

If he's a drinker, then a bottle of single malt whisky, or premium brandy will go down a storm. Vodka now comes in many flavors, so look out for something unique. Add a few glasses or a cocktail kit, and he'll be in seventh heaven.

Boys toys are always popular last minute Christmas gifts for men. You can pick up mini remote helicopters relatively cheaply, and remote controlled race cars are bound to bring out the child in him. Brain teasers and puzzles are great for the more intellectual types.

If he's a gamer, then there are all manner of games and accessories to buy as a last minute gift, from race seats to steering wheels and guns to flight simulator controllers, or simply the lastest game for his console.

If the man in your life loves the great outdoors, then a survival kit or multi-function pen knife will be right up his street. Otherwise, consider heated gloves or heated insoles - a great last minute Christmas gift idea that will keep him cozy through winter.

They key to great last minute Christmas gifts for the man in your life is to come up with something related to a hobby or interest and if at all possible - shop online, to save yourself time and make life easier.

And to save you some time, here are my top pick last minute gifts for you to choose from!

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