Finding a costume at the last minute can be a difficult and frustrating task; however, in the case of emergencies, it is a mountain that must be climbed. It is always important to have a few last minute costume ideas up your sleeve. Whether it is the morning of your Halloween party, or you have simply just been invited to a costume party that is happening on the same night, being aware of some last minute costume ideas will always prove to be beneficial. Given that most people have prepared their Halloween costumes from up to 3 weeks prior, it is hopeful that you will never have to use these ideas; however, it is important to be knowledgeable of them just in case you ever were to need them. There are literally hundreds of last minute costume ideas; things that you can find and throw together within 30 minutes can be found nearly everywhere; however, the last miWomens Pocahontas Halloween CostumeCredit: Amazon.comnute costume ideas that are found in this article are simple, quick, and easy to remember. Continue reading, and never be stuck having to scurry for a costume ever again!

Use an Old Costume

This may seem like an easy way out, but using an old costume is like gold when it comes to last minute costume ideas; it can save you a ton of time, money, and effort into finding a costume. Most of the costumes that we buy cost upwards of $50 or take at least 2 hours to create; moreover, after devoting this much money and time into these costumes, it is likely that you will have it stored away in a closet or bin. If you don't want to look like you simply used your previous year's costume, you can revert to the costume that you wore 4 or 5 years prior and wear that; most friends and family will forget what costume that you wore 5 years ago so they will not know that you re-wore one of your costumes. Although it seems like the easy way out, using a costume from the prior years is golden when it comes to last minute costume ideas.


Borrow A Close Friend Or Neighbour's Costume

Just like you have many of your old costumes stored away, so do your friends and neighbours; moreover, borrowing one of theirs is amazing in regards to last minute costume ideas. You obviously do not want to try and borrow the costume from your friend that is 50 pounds lighter than you; but rather, you should try to find someone that is roughly the same height, weight, and gender as yourself. This will ensure that you fit into the costume without any alterations. Of all the last minute costume ideas, borrowing a friend or neighbour's is one of the quickest and easiest methods that will prove to be successful.  You should take a look on Amazon if you have a few days to find a costume because they have some of the best prices on the funniest costumes.

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Dress Up As A Famous Actor Or Actress

Although many people know that this method is part of the list of last minute costume ideas, it can still be rather convincing if done correctly. For instance, you should not try to dress up as the "mini-me" from the Austin Powers movie if you are 6 feet tall. You should try to dress up as an actor or actress that you somewhat resemble, even in the slightest manner; moreover, this will make this method seem less like one of the last minute costume ideas, and more like it was planned out from months prior. For instance, if you shave your head and are slightly built, you could easily dress up as Vin Diesel by wearing a slightly tight shirt and bringing a small prop from one of his movies. If done correctly, dressing up as an actor or actress can be one of the most amazing last minute costume ideas.


Dress Up As A Sports PlayerHigh School Musical Wildcats Halloween CostumeCredit:

If you have ever played or currently play sports, dressing up as a sports player can be one of the better last minute costume ideas. Anybody that has ever played or currently plays a sport probably still has their uniform folded up in one of their rarely used dresser drawers; as long as the uniform is somewhat current, it will fit fairly well. If you have dressed up in this uniform for every sport game that you have played, what makes you think it can't be one of your last minute costume ideas? For instance, I have a soccer uniform from a house league team that I played for 5 years ago; this can easily be used as an emergency costume idea as I can merely put the shorts and jersey on, and leave my house in a "costume". If you have never played a sport, or do not have the uniform anymore, you can ask a few friends or family members and they will most likely have one. Dressing up as a sports player is at the top of the list of last minute costume ideas because of its speed, availability, and ease of preparation.


Dress Up As A Student

It is almost a given that everybody has at least one school bag laying around; whether it be their son's, daughter's, or theirs, most people have one in their household. Moreover, this can be great in terms of last minute costume ideas. The majority of schools do not require uniforms, and students go to school wearing jeans, a t-shirt, and running shoes. Simply put, you can wear a pair of jeans, your everyday shoes, a themed t-shirt, and toss a knapsack around your back and you will be ready to go. Dressing up as a student can be done by nearly anybody at nearly anytime, and for this reason is placed on the list of last minute costume ideas.


Dress Up As An Employee

This will only work for anybody that has a company uniform available to them; however, it still makes it onto the list of last minute costume ideas because it presents a unique way of getting dressed up in a universal manner. Realistically, you can't get dressed up in a suit and expect people to know that you are in a bank employee's costume; however, you can throw your old Canadian Tire shirt on and expect people to know what you are dressed up as. Dressing up as an employee can be done rather easily if you have the required uniform, and for that reason is placed in this article of last minute costume ideas.


Being placed in a position that requires you to find a costume within a day, or even a few hours can be nerve-racking and frustrating; but unfortunately it must be conquered if you would like to find that costume on time. Last minute costume ideas are available everywhere that you go, from your closet that is used every day, to the dresser drawer that you have not opened since you were 16. There are at least 5 last minute costume ideas that can be found in absolutely everybody’s house; this article presents only a few of the many that are available. You can choose to use these featured last minute costume ideas, your own that you may come up with, or manipulate these to form your own ideas. Whichever option that you choose, you will have found the costume on time! Have fun with whatever costume that you choose, and remember that you will pay when you procrastinate with costumes!