There are a ton of last minute costume ideas for women to execute on Halloween; however, not all of those ideas are actually good! A great Halloween costume is one that people can recognize right away, and one that suits the personality of the person that is wearing it. With that being said, choosing any of the last minute Halloween costumes below will satisfy the two criteria!

The greatest thing about these women`s costumes is the fact that they only use clothes and accessories that you will already have in your closet. This means that these costumes can be made on Halloween night; there is no need to run to the costume store to buy accessories.

Even if it turns out that you don’t have a piece of clothing or accessory to create one of these do-it-yourself Halloween costumes, the chances are that your neighbour or sibling will have them!

Dress Up As A Female Sports Player

This is one of the easiest last minute costume ideas for women to execute...especially if they have played sports in the past!

Every sport, whether house league or professional, involves a uniform of some sort. Soccer players wear knee high socks and shin pads, and baseball players wear tight pants and a cap! This simple fact makes it extremely easy to create your own homemade female sports player costume!

Firstly, you can simply wear your old soccer or baseball uniform if you have it lying around. However, there is also another option if you cannot fit into your sports uniform anymore or have thrown it out!

Simply wear the sportiest pair of shorts that you own, and a plain t shirt. Get some masking/electrical tape and use it to create a number on the back of the shirt. You can even spell out the letters of your last name with the tape for the best results!

Create A Do-It-Yourself Prisoner Costume

Many people enjoy wearing this outfit because it attracts a lot of attention due to the color of the costume. I would have to say that this is one of the best last minute costume ideas for women with loud personalities. This DIY prisoner costume is bound to attract a lot of attention, so it would really work well with people that can handle the attention (loud and outgoing personalities).

All that you have to do to create this women’s prisoner Halloween costume is find an orange shirt. It is preferred that you wear an orange pair of pants; however, a black pair will do just is the orange shirt that will make you look like a prisoner on Halloween night!

Once you have the shirt on you should decorate it like an inmate with whatever you have available around the house. This could include the use of masking tape, ironing the words “inmate 4215” onto the shirt, or even writing the words “City Penitentiary” on a white sheet of paper and taping it to the shirt.

These are three options that will work when creating a women’s DIY prisoner costume!

Be sure to take a look at the prisoner costumes on Amazon if you have enough time to wait for them to ship to your house...some are on sale for up to 60% off!

Create One Of The Funniest Halloween Costumes For Women-A Backwards Person

Out of all of the women’s last minute costume ideas that are described throughout this article, this one is sure to make the others laugh the most! To top it off, this is one of the easiest last minute costumes to execute.

All that you have to do is wear all of your clothes backwards! Find a pair of loose jeans and a loose shirt, and wear them backwards! To really make this a perfect last minute costume for Halloween, get a pair of sunglasses and wear them backwards!

I can guarantee that everyone will laugh immediately upon seeing you dressed up in a backwards person costume!

Put On A Women`s Maid Costume For Halloween

This is a revealing costume that you can create at the last minute! I’m guessing that you or someone else in your household has some lace clothing lying around. Simply put on your sexiest pieces of lace clothing, and walk around with a feather duster in your hand!

This is a simple women’s Halloween costume, but will allow everyone around you to know what you are dressing up as immediately upon seeing you. The only catch with this revealing costume is the fact that you can’t be afraid to show some skin on Halloween night!

I am not saying that these are all of the last minute costumes that women can wear; however, I am saying that they are the best ones (in my opinion).

Be sure to consider these last minute costume ideas for women if you are stuck trying to create a do-it-yourself costume on Halloween night!