Looking for last minute cruise deals from New York City? Cheap discounted New York City cruises can easily be found if you know how to search for them, where to look, and where to make your purchase. There are many websites specializing in linking last minutes cruise shoppers to cruise ships looking to fill the last spots on their ship.

Some of the most popular cruise lines such as Carnival, Norwegian, and Holland American are well know for cruising out of New York City and just about every other major port but there are some specialty cruise liners which routinely depart from New York and other large posts of call too. Finding cruises from these ships and terminals can be hard enough on its own but following these simple tips below you should be able to find the best deals possible most of the time.

The best option for you to take to find the best last minute New York cruise deals is to head over to the cruise ship aggregators websites and check their Last minute cruise deals section. One of the best sites for doing cruise ship searches in this manner is using the site cruisedirect.com.

Cruise Direct not only lists last minute cruises but it also makes comparison shopping for cruises across the world from all different cruise liners and carriers very easy. You can filter for last minute cruises all the way out to cruises scheduled for the distant future. You can only look at certain departure ports like New York or other nearby ports of call or for certain destinations. You can also filter for cruise duration or length like 10 day cruises or even 1 night cruises.

One of the interesting points of interest with New York City cruises is the variety. They may not have routine access to some of the cruise liners like Celebrity Cruises, Costa, Crystal, or Disney Cruise lines but they have options ranging from 1 night cruises to nowhere serviced by Norwegian cruises or around the world cruises and multi-month cruises serviced by cruise liners like Cunard cruise lines and many others. No matter what you budget there will be options for you from the New York City port of departure.

As everyone knows you get the best deals on cruise packages when you buy or book early or really late. Obviously the problem with waiting for last minute cruise options is that you never know if your favorite cruise ship will have last minute deals. If they do however you can usually find the best deals of them all.

One of the best ways to shop for last minute cruise deals out of New York or any other departure port is to have an idea of when you want to cruise but not a firm set of dates because the chances are good that you will not be able to nail down exactly when you will cruise or where you will cruise to. The cruise company may be easier to select ahead of time because there will be many options departing every week but having a wide open schedule is the best way to score the best rates possible heavily discounted on last minute cruise packages.

Aside from searching cruise ship aggregator websites you can always subscribe to the email newsletters for the actual cruise liners that depart from New York. When these cruise companies have sales on last minute cruises they will often shoot out discount advertisements to their subscribers before advertising to the general public.

Another tip which works well in the world of the modern internet is to befriend the major cruise line companies on Facebook or follow them on Twitter. Much like email newsletters many of these companies will send out discounts specifically for their followers which are not even available to the aggregators. You may not get many discounts but the last minute offers these discount cruise packages offer are usually unmatched.

There are of course some security and privacy concerns with following companies on Facebook and Twitter because the information can be used for personalized marketing campaigns but it may be worth it as the advertising you open yourself up to will be on a topic you are actually interested in.

As a last resort and a potentially time consuming option you can always try to score a last minute cruise discount package by simply booking the cruise package the day of at the terminal. Much like you can find ticket discounts for shows by buying them at the discount ticket booths hours before a show time you can sometimes find excellent deals the day of sailing simply because they have empty rooms and no time to fill them.

Many cruise ships, and especially the cheap discount cruise ships like Carnival Cruise lines, make most of the month by selling shore excursions, discretionary items, products, and alcohol on board the ship so it's often worth heavily discounting the ticket price to the cruise ship to get a room filled rather than sailing with fewer guests.

Finding cheap last minute cruise deals from New York City is really no different than finding deals from any other departure port. Some last minute dinner cruise deals or expensive luxury cruise deal may be harder to find as many of their profits are built into the ticket price and many of the expenses are variable but discount cruise ships operate so that these deals are possible to find if you take the time to look.

Of course you should always shop smart when buying any cruise no matter if it is a last minute sale price or a normal price. Buying cheap cruise deals in the off season can save you substantial money – sometimes in excess of fifty percent off of peak season. Paying for cruises with a cash back card is always a good idea as is looking for discount codes online or using cash back shopping websites like eBates which sometimes have deals independent of the major cruise lines and cruise ship booking portals.

eBates in particular can give you a few percent cash back for any cruise purchase you make through major discount travel websites like Priceline or Expedia. This is a great way to save a little more money on deeply discount last minute cruises out of New York or any other large port city.