Same every year?

It is that time of year again, just as you have gotten your breath back from Christmas Valentines and New Year the corporate machine has another day to promote, Fathers Day. If you are anything like me Fathers Day is one that can creep up on you. Fear not if you have left it to the last moment like I have then this Fathers Day you can borrow some ideas from here and look like a thoughtful child.

Who is your dad?

Obvious question, you should know the basic answer to this one but think seriously about the kind of personality your dad has. If he is an avid golfer or some other sport then you probably need look no further than a sports store for something that will be useful to him. Flowers are probably not what he wants to get (unless he's a gardener) so in picking a last minute gift try to think what will he find useful and what does he like.

No Secret

The chances that you are going to be able to find the perfect gift for your Dad are actually better than you think. The big stores know that there is a built in market to exploit and they will make it easy for you. Products with a particularly masculine emphasis are on show and on special offer. This is no secret to those of us that drive but petrol stations are gadget warehouses that regularly have cool stuff like wind up torches and multi tools available.

Never go wrong

Tools in fact are a probable fail-safe that will get you out of trouble. I don't know a man who would not find a screwdriver set a fine gift to receive. Basic tools are available everywhere even in supermarkets in the auto section. There can never be too many hammers or hex keys. Food and drink that he likes can only be good if tools are no go. Of course these are even better if you intend to share them, maybe beer and crisps in front of the football is the perfect thing and this is just easy to do with supermarkets open all the time.

The truth

Of course there is always time. I am sure what your father really wants is to spend time with his son or daughter and the truth is that what ever you get him the best thing is talking to you while he opens it. You know your dad, if you want to make him happy it is not to late to get a last minute Fathers Day gift.