If you're like me, you have a tendency to put off purchasing presents until the last minute. For me, last minute gift ideas are the rule, not the exception. Luckily, there are presents to fit almost any budget, year round, not just for Christmas. The need for last minute gift ideas is more of a sign of the times than anything else. Let's take a quick look at some great last minute gift ideas you can use today.


It's practical, economical, and really easy. We all eat, so food is truly a great last minute gift idea. There are plenty of prepackaged food items in the store in a nice handy box. Choose from ice cream dishes and topping, meats and cheeses, and a whole slew of other food items. For some, a trip to the meat aisle at the grocery store may be a good way to go. What bachelor wouldn't like a big old package of steaks? Last minute gift ideas make sense when you know they'll be used. Nobody can go without food, so you know it will be used.


While many people feel gift cards and gift certificates are rather impersonal last minute gift ideas, chances are, the receiver will appreciate them. Seriously, we've all received an incredibly ugly shirt or two in the past that we just couldn't wear. By giving a gift card you will never give them something they just don't want, or won't use. They are truly great last minute gift ideas and you know you'll never give a loved one a dud.


We all love money, and we all need it to survive. Money truly is one of the best last minute gift ideas out there. Again, some may feel it's impersonal, but it allows the receiver to purchase whatever they truly want and there are some creative ways to give money as a present. Money is really the ultimate in practicality, so it only makes sense that it's one of the best last minute gift ideas.


If you know someone that loves to play the lottery, the tickets would make great last minute gift ideas. There is quite a variety out there to choose from as well, so you can select just the right one. Scratch off lottery tickets come in all sorts of styles and values. Mix and match, or purchase a lot of a single type. To keep it fresh, you may even want to purchase tickets from another state, available online for most states. Powerball or big lottery tickets make great last minute gift ideas as well.


The latest and greatest is always in fashion. Use some caution when you use technology as last minute gift ideas. Ask the clerk at the store what the best games or music systems are, don't just assume. If you have a limited budget, this may not be the way to go. If you're unsure which technology presents would make the best last minute gift ideas, ask for help. The clerk at the store should be able to steer you in the right direction.


Register a star or property on the moon for great last minute ideas. It's unique and chances are they haven't ever received it before. There's nothing wrong with being original. I'd like to have a star named after me. Moon property is also fairly hot right now. I'm not sure how legally binding it is, but it would make a great last minute gift idea and there's a good chance you'll be the only one to give it out.


For some these are the best last minute gift ideas. Go to a store, purchase a single magazine and then subscribe to it in the person's name. You can choose just about any type of magazine that mirrors the person's interests. I've received several magazines as presents in the past. I really like receiving them, and the present lasts all year. In my book, magazine subscriptions are among the best last minute gift ideas and they are one of my favorite types of presents to receive.


Sometimes the best last minute gift ideas are those that are designed to be funny, not serious. Consider a gag present for a loved one. If nothing else, you're sure to get a good laugh. Chances are, you can find a novelty store near you to purchase these types of presents. If not, there are plenty of novelty store out there online. Take a look, you'll be surprised at what you can find.


Sometimes the best last minute gift ideas are in the entertainment area. Tickets to the movies, babysitting, a concert, just about anything you can think of. Parents with young children will really appreciate these types of last minute gift ideas. Sometimes a night on the town is the best way to go.


Music downloads are great last minute gift ideas because they allow the receiver to select the exact kind of music they want. Generally speaking, you may not be able to guess what bands or songs the intended receiver likes. You cannot simply ask a clerk, we all have different taste. Music downloads make sense in these types of situations and make great last minute gift ideas that they are sure to love.


Offer or make a card for a free night of babysitting or a car wash. Kids may want to give their parents a few free hours of household chores and labor. These types of last minute gift ideas make a lot of sense for those on a very limited budget and they are really a much more personal and thoughtful present to give than most others.

There really are several last minute gift ideas out there. If you simply cannot come up with something, make a phone call or two to the friends and family of the receiver. They should be able to help you make sure you give a great present to your loved one. Last minute gift ideas are sometimes the best presents of all.

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