Whether you have put off figuring out what to be this Halloween till the last minute or you decided to participate at the last minute your costume doesn't have to be lame. Many people end up with the leftovers at the Halloween store or tossing on a sheet and being a ghost or wearing a "toga". You can do better than that without spending big bucks, without desperation, and while still having fun with it all! Here are a whole lot of great last minute ideas.

  1. Baby. It doesn't take much to pull of a great baby. Wear all pink or all blue. Carry a security item such as a "blankie", a "teddy", or a "dolly". Carry with you a bottle or a pacifier. The great thing about a pacifier is that you can attach it to your clothing with one of those pacifier clips or with a safety pin and ribbon.
  2. Quarter Pounder. If you are looking to be funny then you can carry a hammer and a quarter with you. When asked what you are place the quarter down and pound it with the hammer. Handy man clothing is optional.
  3. Baked Potato. You can take this one as far as you want. Wrap yourself (or the one you are dressing) in aluminum foil and they are a baked potato. You can choose whether or not you want to "cut" it open and reveal what's inside. If you do then have them dress in light colored clothing (or orange if you want them to be a sweet potato) and add a piece yellow felt for "butter".
  4. Mummy. The mummy has certainly been done before. However, rather than wrap yourself in toilet paper, hit up Walmart for a flat sheet. You can get it at a pretty good deal, cut it into strips, and you will be loads more comfortable than if you wrapped up in TP.
  5. Jellyfish. Hit the dollar store for a cheap clear or see through umbrella. While you are there get a few glow sticks, some streamers, and see if you can get some ribbon as well. Metallic colors are the best. Attach the glow sticks inside the umbrella. Attach streamers, strips of material, and even metallic tape to the umbrella for tentacles. You can then carry the umbrella or attach it to a hat for a cool jellyfish costume.
  6. Box of popcorn. Boxes are great for Halloween costumes you make. Here you can take a box, cut out holes for arms and legs, then decorate the box with red and white stripes. Add the word Popcorn to the front and cut out some "popcorn" to place at the top of the box.
  7. Highway. Here you will want to wear black or dark gray clothing. Add yellow lines down the middle with construction paper or felt. Finish it off with toy cars, signs, and or road kill. You can hit the dollar store for some toys or make some items with construction paper.
  8. Two or Three Headed Person. You can blow up two pink, peach, white, brown, or black balloons. Add features to them to make great faces. Don't be afraid to mix colors and genders when you add your "heads". Then attach them to your shoulder(s). You can get creative by giving them hair with yarn, material, or a wig. Jewelry can be added, neckties, or other items as well. Be seen having conversations with your other head(s) as well.
  9. Cat. Another classic. Use clothing of one color. You can add spots with a couple of pieces of felt if you wish. Make a tail and ears to match. Then you should paint your face and add a collar.
  10. Trash. For super simple and around the house use a trash bag and some crumbled paper. Cut holes in the bottom for your legs and in the side for your harms. It can be helpful to reinforce these with some duct tape. Pull the bag on and fill with crumpled paper. Finish by taping the top to the top of your shirt.
  11. Robot. Here's another great box costume and the tin foil again. Cut arm, leg, and a whole for your head. Add tin foil and don't forget to get creative. Great colors can be lights, use paints, tape, or whatever you have around the house. Have fun with it and it will be a great costume.
  12. Miss or Mrs. America. Dress up as a beauty queen. Get a cheap tiara and make a banner with your title. You can also go for your state or county beauty queen if you want.
  13. Smartie Pants. Some of us are just smart alicks. For us we can be smartie pants by wearing regular clothes with smarties (candies) attached all over the pants. It's cute and funny. Not likely you will win any awards, but you are likely to make someone smile and if it fits your personality then go for it!
  14. The drunk. Dress a bit bumish. Don't go overboard because you don't want to look like a homeless person (unless you want that look). You can also dress nice, but disheveled. Carry a bottle or glass with you (for a classier look go with a wine, champaign, or rocks glass). Remember to act your part!
  15. The college freshman. If you are itching for something easy get out your college gear and go for broke. You can pull of a college freshman costume without a lot of work. Wear your sweatshirt and pants from college. Grab a bag and fill it (since no one will see in there you don't even have to carry books with you, socks will work just fine). You can wear a name tag like you just arrived for orientation, look lost and confused, talk about all sorts of high school stuff, and carry a campus map around with you. If you can't find a good campus map, print a map off of Google!

Many of these ideas will allow you to get crazy and go in other directions. When looking for a fast and easy homemade costume consider plays on words, costumes you can make from a box or bag, and the clothing that you have around the house. Have fun with it, even if you only have a short while to throw your costume together.