Easy Handmade Halloween Costumes at the Last Minute

Unique, Homemade Halloween Costumes

So, you received a last-minute invite to a Halloween party and now you need an easy-to-make Halloween costume idea. Take a quick look around your home for some creative inspiration; there is no need to dig through half-empty racks of expensive costumes. Use items you may find within arms reach to create a unique, homemade Halloween costume that most trick-or-treaters would never have thought of. If you don’t have items unhand, purchase them from a local box-store. Here a few ideas to get your creative juices started.

Abstract Halloween Costumes

A Shot in the Dark

Dress yourself in all black clothing. Choose a black shirt with long sleeves. If you don’t have black clothing, cut a hole in the middle of a black sheet, slip the sheet over your head and secure it at the waist with a black belt. Paint your face, hands and arms black. Use a hot glue gun to secure a shot glass to the mid-point of a 2 ½-foot long piece of rope or thick yarn. Put the shot glass necklace around your neck.
Holy Cow!

Decorate a white or cream colored t-shirt with spots. Use a brown or black permanent marker to make the spots. If you don’t have a marker, you can use paint. Make a halo out of tinfoil or pipe cleaners. Attach the halo to the top of your head.    

The Second Amendment

Use a hot glue gun to attach fake fur to the sleeves of a long-sleeved shirt.  Write “The Second Amendment” across the chest of the shirt. Let everyone know you have the right to bear arms!

Silly Halloween Costumes: People    


Cut a circle out of a large piece of cardboard. Print out a picture of a quarter and glue it to the cardboard. Dress in all gray or all black clothing. Attach the quarter to the back of your clothing with rolled up duct tape or hot glue.

Game Show Winner

Dress up in a semi-formal (or old formal) outfit. Write your name on a 9-inch long by 4-inch wide piece of white paper. Apply excessive amounts of makeup and an exaggerated hairdoor crazy wig. Carry around an old coffee maker, toaster or stuffed animal as a “prize”.

Cereal Killer

Use a hot glue gun to attach empty cereal boxes to an old outfit. Paint the top half of a plastic or toy knife with red paint to resemble blood. Drip some of the “blood on your arms, hands and legs.

Dress as a “Thing” for Halloween

Static Cling

Use safety pins or hot glue to attach fabric softner sheets, socks, wash cloths and small items of clothing to an old outfit you no longer wear. Use a rat-tailed comb to tease your hair so it sticks out in all directions. Use plenty of hair spray to keep your hair frizzed out.

Gum on the Bottom of a Shoe   

Dress in all pink. Paint your face, arms and hands pink. Replace the shoestrings on an old pair of tennis shoes with extra long shoelaces. Balance the shoe on top of your head. Tie the shoestrings under your chin.    

“Catcher in the Rye” Book

Wear white or off-white clothing. Use a permanent marker to write some of the words from the book on your clothing. Cut two large pieces of cardboard into shapes like bread. Paint the cardboard brown. Use a hot glue gun to attach slices of rye bread to the cardboard. Poke holes through the cardboard at the top of the “slice”. String yarn or rope through both pieces of cardboard and tie off. Make sure the rye bread slices are on the outside.  Slip the cardboard over your head like a tunic.  Put a catcher’s mitt on your hand and wear a baseball cap of your favorite team.

Handmade Food Halloween Costumes

Black-Eyed Pea

Dress in all black clothing. Paint one of your eyes black. Cut a large latter “P” out of a piece of paper and use hot glue to attach the letter to the front of your shirt.


Draw a slice of bread onto a large piece of cardboard. You will need two slices of bread. Paint the outer edges of the cardboard dark brown to resemble crust. Use a hot glue gun to attach pieces of yellow, pink, green and orange cloth to the “bread slices” Punch two holes through the top of the slices. Thread yarn or rope through the cardboard to form a tunic. Slip this over your head. If you are feeling especially creative, draw lettuce, tomato, cheese and meat on pieces of cardboard and glue them to the slices instead of using colored material.


Paint a large piece of cardboard to resemble a popcorn tub. Make sure to do this on two pieces so you have the front and back of the popcorn tub. Cut holes in the top of the cardboard and thread yarn or rope through to form a tunic. Use a hot glue gun to glue large cotton balls along the top of the popcorn tub. Use yellow paint or a marker to add “butter” to the top of the popcorn.