Last year you said you wouldn't let this happen again, but here you are stuck in the same predicament. Halloween is just around the corner and you don't have a costume nor a plan for Halloween! No worries, Halloween is one occasion you can always have a good time on..even if you do wait 'til the very last-minute..again.

Costumes are never hard to find if your willing to spend the right amount of coin. There are plenty of costume shops that pop up around the city when it's Halloween season that will serve all your generic costume needs. You will definitely find a pretty cool costume but will probably end up spending at least $50.  I can almost guarantee you will find a pretty decent costume or some cool accessories at these shops, however, you will also be likely wearing the same costume as someone else when you go out to party. These costume shops are good for people who do wait for the very last-minute though, as you will likely find something you can be happy with! You may not get your first choice of costume, but even if it is October 31st and you don't have a costume you'll be able to find one there. Wal-Marts, Party Packagers as well as Costco are excellent last-minute choices.

There is always something to be said for homemade costumes and the ideas of creating something unique.  By creating your own costume, you will not only be saving money nut will have a unique look at the party you end up at.   It is not difficult to create your own costume with the right enthusiasm and creative thinking.  Using various household objects like pillows, blankets or old clothes, one can make a costume just like the ones that can be bought at the stores. If you can't be bothered to be creative and just want to find something quick here are some ideas for those who wait until the very last minute:

  • Throw on whatever jersey you have lying around and go as an athlete
  • Put a bedsheet on your head, cut some eye holes and go as a ghost
  • Blue jeans and a white t-shirt are perfect to be John Travolta in Grease
  • Dress up in baggy clothes and a fitted hat and you could be the rapper of your choice

Girls, just find something short that looks cute and you will be good..I promise! Look at this great idea for a last-minute Halloween costume that only requires some paint or markers and a bedsheet! Who doesn't love Twister?


Once you've figured out your costume you are ready to go out and party..only problem is you didn't plan on what party you would be going to! Not to worry, clubs will all be having Halloween parties! Even if you do not have any tickets or are not on any sort of special list it is okay! You will definitely be able to find a party at the last-minute. Lines will be long, I can promise you that, so make sure you get out early enough to try to avoid the chaos that is Halloween! Whether it's the local pub or the downtown club, it will be a busy night! Do not be angry at yourself for waiting to the very last-minute again because in all honesty it doesn't matter! The only thing that you need to worry about on Halloween is having a good time because it only comes once a year! Regardless of how late you leave it, there is tons you can do at the last minute to make sure you have a happy Halloween!

Whatever you decide to wear or go for Halloween this year, remember it's never too late to go out and party!  Costumes and parties can be found in minutes if you are ambitious enough to have a good time! Happy Halloween!