Finding last minute travel deals can allow you have a luxurious vacation at rock bottom process. Mexico Tourism is still real popular; however it has dropped off because of the recent violence involving the drug cartels. For the most part Mexico travel is still real safe. If you are still willing to travel to Mexico and have a schedule where you can book your reservations at the last minute than you can often find some excellent bargains on Mexico travel deals.

How Dangerous is Mexico?

The Drug Cartels in Mexico have made certain areas of Mexico relatively unsafe for foreign visitors. There are however numerous areas to visit in Mexico that are considered both safe and interesting to Mexico vacationers.  Most of the areas that are extremely popular with tourists such as Acapulco are considered safe for tourists.

How to Book Last Minute Mexico to Save Money

Mexico continues to have many people willing to travel into their Country; however many others are leery to continue with their original travel plans to this Country. Guided and chartered tours to Mexico still have a high demand but not all seats are being sold. If you are interested in visiting Mexico with a tour guided trip with other people and have the flexibility to book at the last minute then you can find some amazing Mexico travel deals.

Mexico Adventure tourism companies such as Green Tortoise are finding that demand for Mexico travel is remaining high, but there are often a few extra seats available that are not sold. If you can remain in contact with the travel company they can advise you if there are any last minute Mexico travel deals. If you have all of your travel documents and passport in order and can fly out with a week for a trip then booking a last minute Mexico adventure travel trip will usually get you the best deal possible.

Mexico Cruises

The best deals on Mexican cruises are often last minute also. A cruise line would rather have all the rooms filled up with people at a steeply discounted rate and the hope to recoup some of the money from money these discounted cruisers spend online. If you can leave on a moments you can often find super great Mexico Cruises for sale cheaply.

The length of time for guided travel options in Mexico varies widely, and once again if you can remain flexible you can find the best deal. You may be able to find 7 days, 9 days, or even 14 day vacations in Mexico. The more flexibility you have in leaving at the last minute then the better the deal you can find.

Many guided tour companies will offer discounts on future travel to people that have traveled with them before. Even though you may have traveled initially with the company on a super cheap deal, you will usually still be eligible for future travel discounts when you use the tour company again.