Last minute travel can be exciting while saving you money in the long run. While saving you money and bringing on a lot more adventure, it also can cause a number of extra challenges. When you line up a trip months in advance it is common to research extensively before the trip. This allows you to be sure you’re not getting in a little over your head and make sure that you’re prepared for the area you are travelling. I’ve travelled last minute extensively in my life and I’ve learned a number of things that can help any last minute traveler have fun no matter what comes up.


The first thing you need to do is research the location that you want to travel. It may be easy to skip this step and head straight for packing, especially with last minute flights, but it’s usually better to forget something at home than not be prepared for what you will face. You can always buy more toothpaste when you get to your destination. It’s better to learn the areas you should go and the areas you should avoid. I go by a simple policy. If they say to go there then I’ll spend a day there. If they say not to go somewhere then I’ll skip it. If they don’t say anything about it then it will probably be a fun trip. Not everyone enjoys that kind of experimentation. Prepare for what you enjoy. If possible get an all inclusive travel guide(lonely planet is good for this.) At the very least you can learn a little more of the necessities and security issues on your flight.

Get What You Need

The next thing you should focus on is packing the necessities. Think about your everyday routine. What could you not live without? This should be limited to medication with the bare minimum of clothing. Not much more. No matter where you go you will probably need some underwear and some socks. If you’re going to a cold environment then include jackets and sweatshirts.

Do you really want more stuff?

After you’ve packed the necessities you should focus on packing everything else. This should be the last step for a reason. Ideally, now that you have everything you need. This step should be over quick. If you kind of want to bring something then you might want to consider not bringing it at all. The more you take with you, the more stressed you’ll be. That should be your mantra as you prepare to travel. If you need anything while you’re there then you can usually find someplace to buy it. If you can’t then you might just have an unexpected adventure looking.


Last minute travel can be fun. Just don’t overstretch your ability too much. The more practiced you are, the better you’ll get at preparing in a short period of time. Don’t focus on setting up many reservations other than your hotel. Usually you’ll be able to work something out once you get there. It’s easy for a tourist destination to say they’re booked while you’re not there. When you get there they’ll see the chance to have a guaranteed customer. Companies can usually fit you in. If not, then be ready to find something else. Sometimes the best times are the times when you have nothing to do.