What a rough semester!  Your professors keep piling on the homework, the subjects are dry and Spring Break is just around the corner.  You know there’s little time to prepare for last minute vacations and you HAVE to get away

Don’t fret!  Here is a suggestion that is easy to plan and won’t break the bank. 

Lake Havasu City - #1 For Arizona Affordable Vacation Spots

A classic for Spring Break Getaways, Lake Havasu offers boat fanciers, water skiers, and beach babes at great place to get some sun.  During Spring Break, it is not uncommon to find swimsuit and other models partying at Lake Havasu. 

There are tons of speed boats, pontoons, and other house boats.  So much so, that you can practically walk from boat to boat meeting new people.  You don’t like techno? No problem! Walk to the next boat. 

For the bookworms, Lake Havasu offers imported nostalgia.  Yes, I said imported.  In 1968, the original London bridge was purchased from England and shipped to Lake Havasu to be reassembled.  The London Bridge spans from Lake Havasu to Thompson Bay. (Wikipedia, 2012)

London Bridge, Lake Havasu City

Photo By SkinnyLawyer, Flickr.com

For campers, there are a series of small islands on the California border side of Lake Havasu.  Most of them require access with a boat.  The islands are a great way to have fun, to getaway, and to stay within boating distance from shopping and dining alike. 

For shoppers, Lake Havasu offers a variety of eclectic boutiques—from specialty cigars, to homemade candles, to gourmet foods and clothing. 

Not sure if you trust my judgment?  I don’t blame you!  If you’d like to see the event for Spring Break 2011, visit Lake Havasu Spring Break 2011 – Facebook Page for comments, pictures and what went on last year.  Scroll to the bottom of the photo page to see the pictures of wall to wall boats gathered for the Lake Havasu Spring Break celebration.  The web address is http://www.facebook.com/SpringBreakHavasu. 

Another great place to visit for current events, boat rentals, accommodations and other activities would be GoLakeHavasu.com – Lake Havasu City’s official tourism website.

Whether you are looking to return to school with the party stories or you want to impress your professor with Arizona history, Lake Havasu makes the list for last minute vacations in my Spring Break Getaway Book.  Check it out!