Looking For Ideas On What To Do For Valentines Day At The Last Minute?

Unique, Original And Romantic Ideas For Your Valentine On Valentines Day

If you're looking for last minute Valentines Day ideas, don't despair! Whether you are a man or a woman in search of a Valentine gift or something romantic to do, you will be glad you waited this long. Why? Because traditional Valentine's gift and date ideas are actually quite boring. 

Be thankful you didn't book that restaurant in time, because standing in line and then trying to enjoy each other's company on Valentine's Day in a loud and crowded room isn't even close to a romantic setting. As for candy, flowers and jewelry - that's what every female gets as a gift. There is nothing magical or unique about buying these typical Valentine treats - most women get them again and again, every February 14th, like clockwork.

Valentine FlagCredit: Amazon Photo

So celebrate the fact that you are searching for last minute Valentines Day ideas, because your creativity and thoughtfulness finally has a chance to shine through. The best Valentine gift ideas involve taking time to celebrate your love. A meaningful Valentine won't be found in a fancy box, but it comes from the heart.

So here are some last minute Valentines Day ideas you can use to create your own personalized Valentine. Depending on how much time you have left, you can do many of these or just a few: 

  • Bring home your favorite take out food, put throw pillows on the floor, light candles, play music and serve it on your best china.
  • Plan his and hers massages after the kids go to bed. Buy some nice massage oils and bring in a portable CD player for music. Be sure to light candles and burn a little incense for atmosphere
  • If you're a musician, as soon as your lover walks in the door, sing and play a favorite love song, or a song you've written for the occasion. If you're not a musician, play his or her favorite song on the CD player and mime the words.
  • Write a poem telling him or her how you feel about your relationship in the most glowing terms. Deliver it (in a safe place of course) without many if any clothes on.
  • Make a lover's coupon book with all kinds of romantic services included. But don't include doing chores - that isn't seen as a gift because you are supposed to be sharing household duties anyway!
  • Make some heart shaped foods such as pizza (buy a heart shaped cake pan), jello molds and cookies, and put a message of love on it with icing, whipped cream or tomato sauce. You'll have to figure out which type of message material to use where.
  • Set up a hot bubble bath, scatter rose petals and light candles - need I say more?
  • Plan a fun treasure hunt where you leave clues around the house, and on the back of each one, you say one thing you love about him or her. The final treasure can be a heart shaped frame with your photo in it and, of course, a big "I love you!"
  • If you want to go out, avoid the restaurant and movie theater crowds. Instead, pack a meal and park where you first met, or take a tour through the city of places you remember when you were dating, stopping to reminisce along the way.

 Last minute Valentines day ideas can be fun, and can actually turn out better than relying on the same boring old gifts. Your lover will appreciate your creativity, and who knows, maybe you both had the same last minute ideas!