is Music Heaven LogoIt's easy to find new music on the internet, the problem, however is finding music that you actually like. That's where come into play. is an internet music paradise, packed with tons of great music from bands all over the world, and in every genre. The site specializes in providing a personalized listening experience which, in my opinion, is far superior to other sites such as Pandora. While many other sites serve up the most popular bands currently buzzing in the blogosphere pulls its data directly from each user in a process called scrobbling resulting in a completely personal listening experience.


Scrobbling, simply put, is speak for tracking your listening history. The idea is that the more listening history you scrobble the more useful the service becomes, by providing you will more personalized radio stations, and information on the bands you enjoy. There are many ways to scrobble your music; you can track your listening on your phone, computer, iPod, and even some music websites.

Recommendations does a great job of recommending new bands for you based on your scrobbling data, offering bands that are similar to the ones you have scrobbled. When viewing's recommendations you can also sort the results by genre, for instance only recommended artists in the rock genre.

Social also has a great social networking side. You can see your friends listening history, and music compatibility based on the music you each listen to.

You can also join groups on Groups vary widely in their focus and size. Groups are extremely useful for discovering even more great music which is often more obscure and lesser know, but no less awesome.

Radio's radio feature is the best part of the site. All those scrobbles you've submitted to the site are used to craft radio just for you. You can turn almost anything into a radio station. From your friends listening history, the groups you've joined, and recommendations you can have any listening experience you want at any time.

You can even play your library, a station that will only play music you listen to. It's great for when you want to listen to your own tunes, but only have access to a web browser.

You can also tune into radio stations based around a specific artist, and similar musicians. You can also listen to a specific genre. There is also an option for listening to multi-artist or multi genre stations in which you can pick up to three artist or genres for a diverse listening session.

Tracks can also be loved or banned while you are listening to a radio station to further customize your future listening.

Concerts and Festivals

Additionally makes sure you don't miss the bands you listen to when they come to your home town. Recommended concerts and festivals are generated specifically for you based on your scrobbling data.

Album Releases also uses your scrobbling data to keep you informed of new albums as your favorite bands release their latest singles and full length albums.