The United States has a very troubling child obesity rate. Over the last thirty years, studies have proven that child obesity rates have continued to escalate. In our nation, the amount of obese children has doubled for two to five year olds.

The same figures apply to children between the ages of twelve to nineteen. And surprisingly, children aged six to twelve, the rate has tripled. According to this calculation, over nine million children in America are presently considered obese.

What is even more terrifying is that the obesity rate is not just increasing in the United States, it is also rising worldwide. Many people around the world are shocked and distressed about the possible results. Research has shown that if the numbers continue to rise in child obesity, it is anticipated that an alarming fifty percent of children in the western hemisphere will be classified as obese.

The only place where the child obesity rate is not expected to grow is in the European Union. In this location, the research shows that the numbers will remain at thirty percent, where it currently stands.

There are even parts of the world where one would not image there to be climbing child obesity rates; however, the amount of obese children has a steady growth in many areas of the world.

For example, in China, it is estimated that over twenty percent of children will be categorized as obese by 2011.

Many wonder why the rates of childhood obesity continue to climb, and what this could entail for our children future around the glove. It is recognized that the biggest reason for this disturbing growth in child obesity rates is due to poor nutrition (not lacking in adequate amounts of food, but eating too much junk and fast foods).

The next reason is not getting sufficient physical activity to expend the consumed calories. These circumstances have many in the health field considering the possibility that this forthcoming age group of children may have a shorter life expectancy rate than their parents.

These shorter life spans will be due to weight-related health and medical conditions, such as heart failure and stroke. We must not postpone the need to do something about the child obesity rate now. It is essential that we stop this crisis before the child obesity rate sky rockets even more, making our children's future an unbearable one.

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