The Latest Holiday Destinations

Which are the latest holiday destinations? Paris, London, New York, or perhaps you are looking for something new. Here are ten places you can try for a wonderful and unique vacation.

The Balkans: Macedonia

Ohrid, Macedonia (34485)Lake Ohrid is one of the deepest on Earth and the ancient settlements existent on its shore are protected by UNESCO. There's no wonder why the Macedonians prefer to spend their holidays in Ohrid, close to the Albanian border, as the place is a piece of Heaven. In order to promote this region-unknown to most nature enthusiasts, Macedonian authorities intend to construct an international airport in Ohrid and also to build six luxury hotels around the lake. Macedonia has invested a lot in promoting its tourism and their efforts begin to be rewarded.

Leipzig: 365 Days of Music

Leipzig, Germany (34486)The elegant city situated in the eastern Germany has celebrated this year the 325th anniversary of the birth of Johan Sebastian Bach. The calendar has been full of cultural events: festivals, exhibitions, concerts and the reopening of the Bach Museum. Moreover, the Museum of Fine Arts has organized a retrospective dedicated to Neo Raunch, father of the new art school in Leipzig. Tourists can also visit the Spinner, an old cotton mill which houses eleven art galleries, cafeterias and hotels with unbeatable offers. Leipzig is a perfect destination for music and culture lovers.

Chic Rural Tourism: Minorca

Minorca, Spain (34487)While Mallorca and Ibiza are insomniacs' favorite destinations, Minorca is an oasis of tranquility surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea. Declared biosphere by Unesco, the Balearic Island protects its pristine nature, being the ideal destination for "green" tourists. For a chic holiday on the island, bed& breakfast represents the maximum comfort Minorca can offer.

Montenegro: Surfing at Ada Bojana

Ada Bojana, MontenegroFor many, Paradise is located in Montenegro, on the border with Albania. For French, German and English surfers who have discovered this place, Ada Bojana is their favorite destination. The perfect climate, the powerful wind, the sandy beaches and cheap beer- are the most appreciated features of this region. One more thing: the island is also a common destination for nudists. For "shy" tourists there is the Mediterranean Hotel in Ulcinj town, 15 minutes away from Ada Bojana.

Norway: More than Fjords

Norway (34489)Norwegians know it already-the most popular destinations for tourists are the northern fjords and coasts, visited by tourists in summer time. Thus, they wished to attract tourists in winter time also and for this reason they focused on creating winter sports resorts for skiing, trekking and hiking enthusiasts.

Gargano: Affordable Sea Side Holiday in Italy

Gargano, Italy (34490)Gargano, situated in the Italian region Puglia, is considered to be the perfect destination for a summer holiday. The region is extremely picturesque, being part of a wonderful National Park. Gargano is best known for cheap accommodation. The cost for booking a room varies between 30 and 60 euros.

Kitzbuhel: Passion for Winter Sports

Kitzbuhel, Austria (34491)I believe that you cannot consider yourself a true skier if you have not heard about Kitzbuhel, the famous ski resort in Austria. It features 104 ski tracks and also a huge number of traditional restaurants which offer delicious "après ski" meals. For a gourmet itinerary you can stop at hotel Tennerhof or at hotel Scwarzer Adler, where the Newirt restaurant is. Here, goose liver baked with almonds and plum sauce is just one of the specialties that became legend among tourists.

Kuala Lumpur: Shopping Center

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (34492)In the capital of Malaysia, the new street of fashion is Jalan Bukit Bintag. Here, you can find the concept store of Bernard Chandran- the designer who creates outfits for Lady Gaga. Other great places for shopping are Bangsar and Jalan Telawi. Moreover, there is also a designers' fair held every three months in one of the most exquisite disco in Kuala Lumpur, Zouk.

Vancouver: Canadian Wilderness

Vancouver (34493)The latest attraction in Vancouver is the Wild Pacific Trail, an organized tour for tourists, traversing forests of cedars and red oaks. It is a spectacular route presenting the Canadian wilderness, from Vancouver to Nanaimo. The starting point in this unique experience is the fishing village of Ucluelet Folksy.

Shenzen: Low Cost Vacation

Shenzen (34494)The iPod was invented in this industrial city, situated at an hour from Hong Kong. Even tough Shenzen has become a prosperous town, its "luxury" is still affordable, considering the fact that, for example, at the Queen Spa you can book a room for 15 $ and massage prices start from 25 $.