The Call quality was excellent with minimum distortions. The key-pad is easy to use and the overall size is good also.


The camera is a poor choice and won't be able to impress anyone and many other latest phones include better units than the 2 MPX that comes with it.

Full Review

Latest phones from t-mobile seem to get some attention from the electronic enthusiasts all around the globe. The search engine giant Google also seems to get the company involved in their products also. Anyway, the Dash 3G is another latest phone from them which is worth looking into.

The overall physical expressions and the look of the devices feel much like a blackberry phone. It's a wider "version" (2.5 inch) and as a result they've been able to include a well spaced keypad. Other attributes such as the length is around 4.4 inches and also a width of 0.5 inch. This is much slimmer than its predecessors. The screen has a color depth of 65k and the overall area is around 2.4". The resolution is reasonable (320 x 240 pixels) but not at the top of the list set by other latest phones.

The button arrangement of the keyboard (QWERTY) is also worth mentioning (a bit similar to the blueberry phone). On the top there's a four-way navigation-key or a trackball (for back, forward, right , left), home, Call start and cut are just to name a few. Sometimes the slim phones make typing hard (gripping troubles) but thanks to the wide design it's been taken care of. Typing experience was very satisfying and the smoothness of the pressings were also worth mentioning.

The digital camera is not the best of its kind. But the 2 megapixel unit captures pictures in various resolutions and the image quality was good. But the video recordings didn't look that good especially the low resolutions and, again when comparing with other latest phones. Anyhow it has a decent amount of storage capacity (ROM - 256MB, 192MB RAM). The maximum memory supported is limited to 8GB.

High speed network solutions such as HSDPA/UMTS are included by default. The operating system is Windows Mobile (version 6.1). Because of this popular application suits like the MS Office, Internet Explorer (IE) and media player are among few of the utilities included. Another important aspect was the call output quality. The battery is capable of talk time of five hours (also 15 days of standby)

The output was very clear with minimal background noises but the person on the other end had received some noises, however this is not a big issue. So if you're not so concerned about having a fancy camera still this is not the best but certainly a good devices when comparing with some other latest phones in the market.

In Closing