The only constant thing we like is "change".It is human psyche, they can't live without evolvement. The increasing progression in technology has made very high expectation level of people. People now expect a lot. They want change and more importantly a positive one.

The industries, companies, and brands survived which evolved, and the ones didn't evolve lost the race of competition. Look at entertainment industry, it is changed altogether, they try to come up with the flavor what its viewers demand.

Here in focus is the social media. There is no doubt that social media has changed the marketing process on its head.Now it is a must to promote business on social media in order to be competitive. This is the responsibility of social media marketing agency to follow the latest trends in order to provide customers with 100% satisfaction. Social media recognizes the need of evolvement, currently the latest trends in social media are:

Social scanning

Smartphone owners have the world at their fingertips through latest technology. As ostentatious as that may sound, progression in mobile barcode scanning tools have given rise to applications that permit for comparison shopping, QR code place checkins and in the end a social know how around product barcodes.

The clients' scanning activities is so noteworthy that location-sharing checkin providers such as SCVNGR are providing QR code decals to retailers free of cost. Google is doing it to, and giving QR code to small businesses. Google gives it away with famous place pages.

A and smart Information innovation

The web based questions and answers have always been in use. But now the new innovative and more helpful names have replaced the old ones. Quora is in demand these days. There are some Q&A services that have gained the same type of attention as Quora but they went for Face book question project. When we talk about built in user base, face book clearly out class others in it. One more prominent Q&A site that has a significant role in intelligent information discovery trend is Google's Aardvark.

Group buying

Group buying is the famous concept started by Chicago-based startup Groupon. Basically the CEO Andrew Mason's brain child "Groupon" came up with this idea of group buying after the success of "The Point' a group focused site launched in 2007. Nowadays Groupon sites are available all over the world and its successful model has been copied without any difficulty.

Mobile Meets Loyalty

With smart phones, the loyalty has been affiliated to them. Two applications, Key Ring and CardStar provide us a foretaste of what's to come. They are the applications basically designed to eradicate the plastic loyalty. it is an increasing trend which is giving popularity day by day due to technology progression and the fact that smart phones become more commonplace.

Checking-In to Entertainment

Whether it's a football match or a heart touching movie, the first thing you want is to share it with your friends and family. Social media sites provide you the opportunity to do this with ease.