Hair trends

The latest hairdo trends (Photo courtesy of Dreamstime)

Dressing in fashion requires the latest in hair styling. Here are some clues about the fashion trend-setters for hair in the coming year. The guideline for hairstyles this coming year is to look for extremes.

Very long or very short hair, very slick or very curly, whatever form you give to your hair, it will be NOT be 'somewhat'. It will be 'very'! Layers for long or short hair will be popular.

Volume is also encouraged, but more in an informal tousled look. Delicate, breezy strands will be the accent to this look. The shiny, sleek look is the opposite fashionable choice and will also be very chic.

For everyday wear you might be seeing a practical movement for longer hair staying around for a while yet. Although some women are growing tresses to save money on hair cuts, keep in mind that even long hair should be regularly trimmed to look healthy and attractive.

Two easy 'dos seem to be up-and coming, but both need sufficient length to create. One is the "Milkmaid Braid" which entails wrapping a braid over the crown of the head like a headband. The other is the one-sided bun or ponytail. These can be dressed up for more elegant occasions.

Color has gone natural. Bright color streaks are now out. A subtle weaving of color is in. Highlights and low-lights are replacing the purple, blue and red streaks. Blonds are expected to go more natural with more low-lights, brunettes will be deeper in tone, and reds will be the hot color for the year.

These are the predictions of the fashion experts for hair in the coming year. The trends are already showing up on runways and trendsetters are sporting them to public events. Have fun with hair fashions, but remember the best style for you is the one that suits your own personal look -- even if it isn't making headlines!