The latex mattress is the new thing in the mattress industry. They are becoming increasingly popular and they are getting into more and more bedding lines, with almost all top mattress sellers making their own line of latex mattresses. They are very popular in Europe and are getting there in the states. Latex is a very dense product and because of this it will last a very long time. The cores of latex mattresses are also made with holes in them to help soften the mattress a little bit and make it a lot more comfortable. The larger the holes in the mattress, the lighter and more comfortable it will feel. It is often the case that different beds actually have different hole in different sections, so that each section can have different levels of softness. It will generally be softer under the shoulders and feet and much firmer under the hips. They are often layered with other materials to give it a softer feeling. Latex mattresses are a nice option and becoming popular because they have a very bouncy feel and they are a very supportive mattress.

Mattresses made of latex are usually made of synthetic latex. However they can also be made of a combination of synthetic and natural latex. The combination mattresses have a much more resilient core, even though a lot of manufacturers will say that a natural latex mattress will be just as resilient as a combination one. As a general rule you will pay more for a mattress made of just natural latex. The other differing thing within latex mattresses is the way that the cores are made. There are two ways that latex mattresses can be manufactured. Originally there is the Dunlop method. This involves whipping the latex liquid with air to make it into a foamy material, and then pouring it into a mould and heating it until it is ready. There is also the Talalay method, which is a little bit more complicated. Once the foam is made in both processes is washed a few times until there is no excess soaps and proteins that can make it degrade much earlier than it should.

So you have a few things to choose form when you are looking at latex mattresses. You need to choose between the all natural latex option and the combination latex option. You also need to choose the method of production. It has been reported that the Dunlop method makes a more elastic and springier mattress.