Commonly Used Traditions and Customs at Latino Weddings

If you have been invited to a wedding that involves a couple of Hispanics, you should know that Latino weddings are rather different when compared to western weddings. You will find that a lot of Hispanic weddings often start with a Catholic wedding mass and this wedding mass will involve a number of age-old traditions linked with old Spanish beliefs. For example, the tradition of the groom giving the bride 13 gold coins or the "arras" signifies that he is giving her his promise of financial support. These thirteen coins are often presented in a multitude of different ways with some couples opting for the more traditional coins-in-a-small-chest option while others choose to use a small pouch with these coins in it.

Other traditions and customs you will find still being used in Latino weddings these days include the inclusion of Padrinos and Madrinas in the wedding party or the godfathers and godmothers. Depending on which Latin country the couple is from, the number of godfathers and godmothers may vary but they will always be in pairs and they are tasked to support the couple through their married life in both spiritual and financial matters.

When it comes to Latino weddings, the outfits of the bride and groom are usually traditional as well. Brides are often made to wear a mantilla or a Spanish lace scarf over her head and this is often worn whether or not the bride has a traditionally Latin inspired wedding gown on. While white is essentially what a bride usually wears to their wedding, in Spain, you will find that black is often worn by the bride to such an event. This is not because they are mourning the loss of their singlehood. The color black actually signifies that their devotion to their husband will last until death. Red is sometimes added to the black clothes that the couple wears to add some festive color to the outfits.

As you can see from these traditions, Latino weddings can be very different from an American wedding.