Lattice Fencing: Decorative Fencing
Lattice fencing is a great choice for people who want semi-privacy, or simply an attractive fence that is easy to put up. Lattice consists of thin slats that are crossed perpendicularly to create square shapes in the fence, or diagonally to create diamond shapes in the fence. It is usually made from wood, but vinyl is also used to manufacture lattice fencing. It is usually formed with a molding for vinyl fencing whereas with wooden lattice fencing, the slats are often secured to each other and to the frame of the fence with staples.

Do-it-yourself Lattice Fencing
Digging holes for the posts at the proper spots is arguably the hardest part of do-it-yourself fence building. The posts need to be exactly positioned such that the sections of lattice fencing to be put up fit perfectly between them. If digging the holes be sure to measure twice when digging a hole for a post. Some people build lattice fencing sections from scratch by framing lath lattice. These sections can be used in fencing or they can be hung or positioned to conceal something in your yard, such as an ugly concrete wall.

Although assembling lattice fencing sections is common, fully assembled lattice fencing sections are available at stores online and in the USA and Canada. Local landscaping/construction companies should be able to install a lattice fence for labor costs.

Choosing a Material for Lattice Fencing
The most popular materials used to make lattice fencing are:

Quality lattice fencing is made from any of the above wood types so choosing a specific type as the best material is not easy. Many places will specialize in say, cedar and not carry any birch or redwood lattice. Be sure to shop around for the lattice with the greatest thickness and the color you like the best. The slats of lattice fencing sometimes break because the wood becomes brittle or rotten over time. It is worth the extra money to use a premium selection of Cedar, Redwood, or Birch. Ensure that your posts are the same kind of wood in order to match color. If you are going to spend a hefty amount of money on wood you should spend a little extra and get an anti-weathering treatment for the wood and be sure to use it to coat each surface of the lattice fencing.

Most lattice fencing is prefabricated, therefore it's typically standardized in terms of price, but it all depends on the project. If you have a cramped space, a special location, or a unique design in mind, it may need to be customized before it's put up, and therefore the price will also slowly be erected.

Where to Get Lattice Fencing
You can find lattice fencing at many stores across the United States and Canada. Home improvement stores usually carry Lath Lattice which needs to be framed before it can be used in a fence. Those types of stores often sell sections of premade lattice fencing. Although not as popular as other forms of fencing it is available online at discount rates. In an online search you will quickly find sites that you can place an order with your credit card immediately with fast and sometimes free delivery. Because of the number of stores online people have the opportunity to read about quality lattice fencing and shop around with a decent selection.

How Much Does Lattice Fencing Cost?
Lattice fencing is rather expensive in terms of fencing. Since it is decorative fencing and often used for small perimeters it costs a little bit more than, garden or chain link fencing. The cost of the lattice fencing is generally based on the thickness of the slats, and the type of wood. The cost of wood can vary greatly but generally cedar or pine is the most economical choice for wood in lattice fencing. The materials for a 4x4 section of lattice fencing can easily cost as much as $40.